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hi all,

History : severe left leg pain only on sitting continuosly for a long time, started from march 2010. No back pain

From feb 2011, the pain increased a lot and was there even if i sit, stand or walk. Hence became totally bedridden. MRI revealed fairly large disc bulge at L4-L5 pinching the left nerve. Tried bed rest for a month, oral steroids, PT but nothing worked. There was only a vry minimal reduction in pain. Hence went in for microdiscectomy as per surgeon advice on 17 march 2011. Till until upto 3 weeks after surgery i did not feel any leg pain, though always had a considerable tightness feeling on my left foot. Started walking right from the day after surgery as per doc's advice. Did no sitting, bending, weight lifting until now. Started excercises from 4'th week onwards. I started experiencing a pain in my left butt anf left pelvic area from 3.5 weeks after surgery, this pain comes when i get up from lying position and start walking, for initial few steps it hurts to keep every left step due to this pain, it fades off when i walk around a little. But comes back the next time i lie down and get up. At times i can feel this even while i am lying on bed though its very very minimal then. This pain has been bugging me for weeks now and at times i am not able to do exercises because of it. During a bad spell of pain, it becomes dificult to move once i have lied on bed for sometime. Activity wise from the fourth week i have started sitting for very less time, moving around and cooking. Am about to join work nxt week. Desk job.

Please advise if there is nything going wrong thats causing this pain!!!
I avoid lying down on bed much during the day, i have noticed that once i lie down on my back for sometime the pain becomes more intense probably due to inactivity?

Would love to hear your views...


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