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In case you haven't heard this before, I will just remind you to be careful in the early recovery. Surgeons say that the biggest problem they have with patients after a discectomy is that they frequently feel so well, and are so eager to get back to the activities that they love and have missed, that they do too much too soon, and end up reherniating the disc.

The disc is most vulnerable for the first six months, although many doctors will say it is OK to resume a normal amount of activity around six weeks, or earlier....

I would consult with your surgeon as to whether he considers running and mountain biking "normal" activities that it is OK to resume. Running is jarring to the discs under the best of circumstances, let alone after one has been operated on.

Be sure to limit activities that involve bending or twisting at the waist, pushing, pulling and reaching overhead, and lifting again more than the weight limit you've been given post-surgery. If you can be patient and allow that disc to really heal up, you stand a good chance of being able to resume a more-or-less normal life. If you try to rush the process along, causing a flare, or reherniating, you run the risk of setting yourself up for a cascade of spinal problems, so, hard as it is, try to be patient.

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