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I'm worried. I posted my results on the spinal cord board, but wanted to get some other opinions. Do my MRI results look that bad? My appt with neurosurgeon isn't until November 30. What do you think they will suggest for me? I have constant back, hip and leg pain (left side only). The pain ranges from manageable to unable to turn over in the bed, let alone get out of it. I walk with a limp and am always in some level of pain.

MRI Results:
The alignment of the lumbar spine is satisfactory. Degenerative disc changes are seen with disc space narrowing seen at L4-L5 and L5-S1 with mild vacuum disc phenomena seen at L5-S1. Endplate degenerative changes are seen with several Schmorlís nodes seen at the L4-L5 level.

There is mild bulging of the L5-S1 level which is slight asymmetric centrally and to the right with moderate facet degenerative changes seen. The central canal measures 8.5 mm with some inferior neural foraminal narrowing seen.

There is diffuse budging of theL4-L5 disc which is asymmetric to the left with significant facet degenerative change and ligamentum flavum hypertrophy causing severe spinal stenosis with the central canal measuring 3.5 mm with some inferior neural foraminal narrowing seen bilaterally.

The AP dimension the canal is modest at the L3-L4 level with some mild facet degenerative changes. No lateralizing abnormalities otherwise are seen.

Small hemangiomas are seen at several levels. Distal spinal cord demonstrates no signal abnormalities.

Small disc protrusion seen to the left of midline at the T10-T11 level. No significant cord deformity is seen.

IMPRESSION: Degenerative disc changes seen at L4-L5 and L5-S1. Congenitally modest canal seen with spinal stenosis seen moderate in degree at L5-S1 and severe at L4-L5 Asymmetric bulging of the disc are seen to the right at L5-S1 and to the left at L4-L5. A small disc protrusion is seen to the left of midline at T10-T11 with no cord deformity or contact.

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