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Hi. I had a tlift. L4/l5 & l5/s1. I was in patient 11 days and even once home it took me another week to finally get into a bed and tolerate it. I slept in a recliner. In the hospital and home until then. Now I can sleep in bed. I start out on my left or right side with pillow between knees. I usually wake up 1-2 hours later. Then its time to rotate to either my back with a foam triangle wedge under my knees or to my other side. I do this all night every few hours. I usually sleep 7-8 hours. I take benadryl to help me sleep or I do have ambiens but haven't. I wake up super stiff. I get up slow and walk mini laps in family room where we set up my room. It takes me a good two hours to get out of bed and walk and go lofty and eat and shower before my therapists arrive. Hang in there. I did roll over wrong last night and had the scariest pain shoot up my spine and up to my head! But thank God I didn't feel anything when I woke up.therapist said I just moved wrong as I was terrified I broke hardware.

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