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ALIF Cold foot
Jan 10, 2015
... Thanks for reply, my 3rd surgery L5S1 Lam in 1988, TLIF 2012, Psuedoarthrosis, no relief Changed surgeons had ALIF 12-4-2014. All L5S1. An experiment I did, Walked around house 20 minutes got into bed Took temp Left foot 96.3 R 97.6 5 minutes in bed Left 86.3 R 97.1 30 min bed (8 replies)
ALIF Cold foot
Jan 10, 2015
... spect it is just one of those peculiar symptoms we develop after spine surgery. My right leg was most affected with my nerve compression and even though my last surgery was five years ago, my right foot gets colder from time to time. But then, it is also a bit more numb than my left ankle and foot.... ... (8 replies)
ALIF Cold foot
Jan 10, 2015
... much for your reply. I have not noticed any unusual discolor of the foot or swelling. The bottom of toes have some numbness, this went away for a fee weeks after surgery but came back about week 2 and varies in intensity. I have deep lower back pain, with pain down left butt and leg primarily, some pain into left ankle and foot. ... (8 replies)

ALIF Cold foot
Jan 10, 2015
... sign that you have poor blood circulation, which is often associated with peripheral neuropathy or vascular disease. You have to remember that you have had major surgery which required manipulation of major nerves so to have neuropathy symptoms is not that unusual. ... (8 replies)
ALIF Cold foot
Jan 9, 2015
... I had ALIF L5S1 revision surgery on 12-4-2014 To repair a failure to fuse after TLIF In 2012. The past week my left foot at various times during day is ice cold. I started using a digital thermometer to measure and the bottom of my left foot would be 84degree at same time my right foot is 97degree. My left leg and foot is the leg I have had problems for years along with my... (8 replies)
... every day. Even putting aside the back itself, this is major surgery and your body is kind of in shock and needs time to recover.... ... (16 replies)
... Anyway, if this surgery was from L3 to S1 I believe it was irresponsible for the surgeon to let you think you would be fused in six months. ... (12 replies)
... Your story is helpful! I'm just looking for some "real people" experiences with subsequent surgeries. I'm wondering if it'll be as slow and long a journey as the first....which obviously never quite went as it should have but the general recovery period was pretty much six months. I'd seen that as a guideline for an ALIF, but saw no guidance as to a revision. Great to hear... (8 replies)
... If they are just redoing the surgery, I would guess they might go in from the posterior side or do both ALIF and PLIF. It would make sense to do both if you did not fuse with the original surgery, as it would provide extra insurance that you would fuse this time. ... (8 replies)
... I know each case is unique, esp in revisions, but can anyone give me a sense of what I might be looking at in terms of recovery if revision surgery is indeed undertaken? ... (8 replies)
Alif surgery
Feb 3, 2014
... I just want to introduce myself and say Hi. I have been lurking here for awhile. I just seen my surgeon and found out I will be having alif surgery on my lower back here soon. So far he is talking l5 s1 but may include l4. ... (2 replies)
... Hope someone out there can help me. I am age 50, female and in excellent shape before anterior ALIF surgery. ... (7 replies)
... S1 discectomy surgery in 2006 done by a neurosurgeon. I developed scar tissue but it never caused any problems. About 2 years after that surgery i had another part of that disc fragment off. I had leg pain for a couple months but the doctors said it was a small enough piece that my body would absorb it. ... (1 replies)
... My ALIF surgery was on 9/14, the screw removal was on 9/18 and the infection surgery was 9/28. My meds are diluadid and roxycodone. (6 replies)
... i had alif surgery on l5 s1 about 4 weeks ago ,during the first surgery a nerve was pierced with a screw .so there was a second surgery to remove the screw and then i got an infection which required a third surgery. i am excruciating pain both back buttock and leg . ... (6 replies)
... s1 broad tearing of annular fibers mild bulge and some loss of disc height. I am have ALIF surgery on May 4th with out a cage and with a plate. ... (13 replies)
... I am 31, and have scoliosis mostly thoracic curve and pretty advanced Stenosis in my L1 and down. L5 is severe, and awaiting ALIF surgery. I just got insurance go ahead, now just waiting for the general surgeon, and neurosurgeon to have a date they can agree on. ... (5 replies)
... I had ALIF surgery, I am 12 days out and my main complaint is severe leg pain...mostly in my left leg. Is this normal? ... (1 replies)
... Hello has anyone had Alif surgery for a herniated disc and a grade 4 annular disc tear at L5 S1 level ? ... (3 replies)
... My pm docter referd me to see a surgen that performs laser back surgery.I was scheduled for surgery with him but he was not in my insurance network.So i couldn't get surgery done.So i went to see a surgen referd by my insurance provider. ... (1 replies)

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