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Mri help
Mar 20, 2015
... s less likely to show up in other sequences like T1. It is odd that the radiologist doesn't mention it, as they will usually note things like image artifact and hemangioma even though they most often do not have any significance in terms of symptoms. ... (2 replies)
... First off you have the issue in the l2 vertebral body. As it says in the report this is normally due to hemangioma, a benign tumor that can show up in the vertebrae. ... (1 replies)
... infer. aspect of C2 vertebral body of uncertain etiology and significance. Might represent an atypical hemangioma or other benign lesion. A more significant bony lesion is not totally excluded. ... (2 replies)

... what is a "high T1 and high T2 signal in the T9 vertebral body, characteristic of a benign hemangioma" mean. Could that cause all this ribcage pain I am experiencing, or is it just muscular? ... (0 replies)
... these tumors do cause pain for some people. So if you're having pain and have been worried. You should be referef to a reputable spine place that can give you radiation therapy to shrink them. (10 replies)
... possible uncontrollable bleeding. It is a slow growing benign hemangioma that we are "watching". ... (10 replies)
... A 1.5 cm benign hemangioma within vertebral body. ... (21 replies)
... There is abnormal high signal intensity on T1 and T2 weighted images within the S3 vertebral body which is unchanged from the previous study and is felt to be a benign hemangioma". I did include the mention of the hemangioma when I relayed the findings before, but really didn't know if this sentence is of any importance. ... (7 replies)
... Hi everyone: I posted here a couple of weeks ago with some questions about my scheduled MRI. I wanted to post my MRI results to see if anyone has any insights - I so appreciate and respect everyone's personal experiences and advice. I'll share the results of the MRI that were discussed at my follow-up appointment: Disc bulge at the L4-L5 level Benign... (7 replies)
... oppinon...I was then diagnosed with anemia and iron def severe. I got infusions for 4 weeks straight and as I did the pain in the back where they say i have the hemangioma is got better. Its still bothers me some but not so much I cant stand it. But would love it to be all better. ... (16 replies)
... eath my R shoulderblade for years, just had no freaking clue as to why or what in gods name could even cause this type of hell til my MRI revealed that cavernous hemangioma inside my cord. ... (16 replies)
... I know the pain from my thoracic vertebral hemangioma is constant 24/7 awful pain that u can hardly stand. I get to the point i am sick of it and get depressed. Mine is in T2 took over entire left side of t2 and is in the pedicle and has t2 enlarged. Noone will do anything for me they say too risky. Have been to three neurosurg 1st said take out but sent me for second opinion... (16 replies)
... clinic and really new nothing about it then. this man has helped to even FINALLY take away two huge ugly TPs i had had that got created and just sustained from a hemangioma inside my cord that gave me insane pain under that right blade for over ten years. ... (16 replies)
... Hi Marcia. Thank you for your reply. This is what my MRI results say: Lumbar: "The lumbar vertebral bodies are normal in signal intensity and height. There is slight desiccation of the discs, but no disc protrusions present. Mild arthritic facet joint disease in the lower lumbar spine. No compression fractures present. Spinal cord is norma in signal intensity and... (16 replies)
... in that bone. if this doc refuses to aknowlegde your pain then i really would obtain that second opinion. you KNOW your own body and what you feel in it. is the hemangioma the ONLY real finding in that particular area? ... (16 replies)
... I recently was told I have a 1 cm lesion in T6 that has features consistent with a hemangioma. My Dr said this wouldn't cause pain but I have a lot of pain in my middle and lower back. Should I get a second opinion? I don't know where to go from here. Have you had any relief from you pain? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Celia (16 replies)
... irritated when exposed to certain blood products. your hemangioma just needs to be better explored as part of your ongoing pain at least. it can create alot of problems for one person and nothing for another. ... (16 replies)
... If you research use symptomatic hemangioma to point you in the right directions. ... (16 replies)
... Can anyone out there who has been diagnose with vertebral hemangioma give me a description of the symptoms, pain, etc? ... (16 replies)
... L5 interspace, suggesting degenerative disc disease. Vertebral bodies are normal in alignment. There appears to be a benign hemangioma in L2. Distal cord and bone marrow are otherwise normal in signal. ... (4 replies)

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