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... Ugh.... I took the Cymbalta last night and oh gross!! I woke up a few hours later and had such a sick stomach. I feel shakey this morning, have a headache, and such heartburn? ... (6 replies)
... heya .. sorry to hear you're suffering. I started on Cymbalta and it made me feel a little lightheaded and nauseated and sleepless for a few days, but it passed and the drug helped a lot. ... (6 replies)
... I had actually been working in my regular unit at the hospital, just helping out and also taking care of staffing. ... (18 replies)

... Doc told me today I can take it all at night instead of throughout the day so I hope that works. I hate feeling stoned at work. I'll try that tomorrow and see if I wake up like a zombie! ... (15 replies)
... I couldn't tolerate the Lyrica at all. I had major memory problems. I would sit in front of the computer and not know what to do. I'm on Neurontin now but can only take it at night as it also makes me very groggy. I'm also on Cymbalta and take that in the AM. Good luck, hope you find the right med combination. ... (9 replies)
... lso very loopy...driving and couldn't remember where I was going. Also some tremors. They switched me to Neurontin and I do a little better with that although I can only take it at night because I can't work on it. But I am very sensitive to all meds. ... (5 replies)
Cymbalta Questions
Jun 26, 2007
... of the pain, so I can deal with that. I take it at night when I go to bed, it helps me sleep and without the usual headaches I used to get. Hope you can get the samples, that is just too much money to spend to try it out. Good luck. ... (24 replies)
Cymbalta Questions
Jun 20, 2007
... I didn't read thru all the other posts so I apologise if this is repeated. I had terrible heart racing problems, I took it 3 nights in a row, 60mgs at bedtime. My heart raced so bad the first night I thought I would die. ... (24 replies)
... HI Big Mama, I am 3 weeks TLIF which is through the back. I am taking lortab every four to six hours as needed and oxicontin 10 mg one at six am one at six pm. I also take cymbalta at night, and have xanax if needed. ... (5 replies)
... Memaw, I've been on ultracet for pain & also naproxen for inflamation, plus I take trazadone for depression & it does help me sleep also. I'm afraid of addiction with the ultracet though!!! UGH! (26 replies)
... I also agree with you that the nights are the worst, I lie in bed all night fighting the pain. I take trazadone at night to help me sleep and also take valium, but nothing helps. ... (26 replies)
... none of the above offered me any relief, and made me either more miserable from side effects or outright sick. Please understand I am not saying this to scare you or to suggest that you not try them. My suggestion is though...if at all possible try them when you do not have specific things that you 'must' do. ... (7 replies)
... Do you know if you're having a cage or what type of hardware? ... (34 replies)
... Do you know if you're having a cage or what type of hardware? ... (34 replies)
Mar 1, 2008
... Off the Cymbalta now for 2 days! A few strange little brain zaps and mild dizziness but nothing like the experience two weeks ago. ... (7 replies)
... in 2001 at the age of 45. When I was 21, my ortho predicted that by the time I was 40, I would be in so much pain that I would have no choice but hip replacement. ... (4 replies)
... What dermatome charts do you find are the most concise? ... (6 replies)
... Do you guys feel worse when you lie down? ... (13 replies)
... Hey, Schragie. Those meds can be a real adjustment. When I started neurontin, it took me quite a bit to adjust. ... (20 replies)
... Hi all, sorry I have not been writing much, i do log in to check on you all, but just had not been up to it to write. ... (19 replies)

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