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Disc protrusion
Feb 7, 2015
... Hey I'm a 17 year old football player, I got hurt in September with a hip flexor injury, over a couple of weeks my back started hurting. I played the rest of the season with the injury and than recently on January 26 I got my MRI rersults that I have a Left Central Disc protrusion at L4-5 which results in moderate central stenosis & I have a Broad Central Disc protrusion and... (3 replies)
... mild degenerative disc disease. There is a moderate disc bulge with a broad central annular tear. ... (2 replies)
... S1 Facet Hypertrophy with ligamentum flavum thickening. Degenerative Disc Disease with dessication, posterior central annular tear with 4mm associated posterior central disc protrusion, moderate deforming the ventral aspect of the thecal sac.. No focal neuro compression, Minimal canal compromise but mild foraminal stenosis.. ... (3 replies)

... full thickness annular tear postlaterally on the left with contrast extending along the left disc , is a level 4 tear. ... (6 replies)
... full thickness annular tear postlaterally on the leftwith contrast extending along the left disc , is a level 4 tear. ... (6 replies)
... S1 there is disk dehydration. There is a posterior central annular tear. There is no canal stenosis or foraminal impingement. ... (16 replies)
... S1 level indicates the "Intraforaminal disc component contacts the caudal aspect of the exiting L5 nerve root", along with lateral disc collapse. ... (12 replies)
... most accentuated into the neural foramina, and there is minimal neural foramina narrowing, left greater than right, when combined with facet hypertrophy and no central spinal canal stenosis. ... (11 replies)
... A central protrusion is the disc bulging . 3mm is tiny,but you also have a tear in the disc apparently. This can heal on it's own after about two years. Neural or foraminal narrowing happens as we age. ... (1 replies)
... mm central protrusion with central and right paracentral annular tear. ... (1 replies)
... Normal height with decreased hydration. Left paracentral and foraminal annular tear with 3.6 mm posterocentral protrusion. ... (4 replies)
PostOp MRI...Help
Dec 10, 2007
... L5 with a posterior annular tear. ... (6 replies)
... Injections for over a year equals chronic pain syndrome. Orthopedic surgeons are looking at surgury which means $. Go to a site on Prolotherapy and read up on it. (11 replies)
... Paula, is there a physical therapist in your area that does manual adjustments? My therapist is able to adjust my SI when it rotates out of place. But, I agree - you need to find your pain generator. My SI dysfunction is a "result" of my bulging disc, not the actual "cause" of my pain. Good luck! (11 replies)
... Hi Paula. I had a herniated L5/s1. The first orthopedic surgeon wanted to first do a miscrodiscectomy then wanted to to a complete fusion a month later! I thought that was a bit drastic so I went to another orthopedic surgeon who wound up performing a hemilaminectomy -- where they basically cut off the portion of the disc pressing on your nerve and leave the rest of it in... (11 replies)
... S1 with annular tear and mild multilevel facet arthropathy. ... (11 replies)
... Hi shedevil :wave: Sorry to hear you're in such pain. Well, I don't have any medical training, but I've been living with back pain so long sometimes I think I know more than I never wanted about backs! ;) The "thecal sac" is the spinal cord and its surrounding fluid. The "moderate central protrusion indenting the thecal sac" means that the CT scan shows a bulge... (4 replies)
... S1 with severe annular tears. ... (15 replies)
... Good Day All - I'm still fairly new to the site. I've been on here previously and periodically read everyone's experience and advice, and it's definitely a great resource for peoples experiences, good and bad. I'm a long time sufferer of low back pain (20 years, I'm 42). I believe I've given my diagnosis & previous treatment rundown on a previous post, but I'll post... (15 replies)
Back pain
Nov 25, 2013
... My MRI shows mild broad-based disc bulge with central annular tear conclusion MIld degenerative lumbar spondylosis at L4 and L5 and L5-S1 without evidence of canal lateral recess or forminal stenosis My symptoms are lower back pain worse on sitting sacral pain weakness in right leg and coldness of same. Any advice /diagnosis would be welcome. (9 replies)

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