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... Thank you Quietcook :) Yeah, I go to my family doctor tomorrow morning. I am going to ask him about PT. He doesn't know that I am now numb. My Neuro. knows but my family doctor doesn't. Neuro. told me it was normal under my circumstances :rolleyes: So we'll see what my family doc. tells me tomorrow. :) I have never done PT ... but trust me, if they cause me any... (21 replies)
... S1 Hemilaminectomy Microdiscectomy in March unless I can find someone else. I have searched and searched the web for the Endoscopic procedure around my area and haven't had any luck. ... (21 replies)
... 1st off, I would like to Welcome you to the Boards! :wave: I'm 6 months post op hemilaminectomy/microdiscectomy for levels L4-5, L5-S1. I too was scared out of my mind prior to surgery, so I understand your concern. You should go for other opiones (sp?). Surgery should be your VERY last resort! You should try all conservative means of treatment before you go under the... (21 replies)

... Wow, ok! Thank you AlSmith. The type of procedure that you had done Al, what is that? The "laminectomy" part? I am glad that your surgery has helped you Al :) Also, thank you for comments and suggestions. Trust me, I am taking everything in. I am looking into everything that everyone tells me!! Hi Stan3, thank you for your reply!! I am sorry that your experience... (21 replies)
... You are right to be cautious. I had hemilaminectomy microdiscectomy performed by a neurosurgeon to correct a herniated disk and nerve imingement at the L5, S1. I am 8 weeks out of surgery and my life has been severely affected. ... (21 replies)
... Hello everyone. I have been reading this board for a few days and have now joined. I have a feeling that I will be reading this board for a very long time!! I will tell ya a little about my back problems first. They started in October 2002. I woke up one morning with back pain and by the end of that day I could hardly walk. I went to the doctors the next day ... he... (21 replies)
... S1 Microdiscectomy about 5 weeks ago in Thailand. I am now back in Afghnistan with very light duty. ... (1 replies)
... hi tifferzz. i am 2 days post op. i had a left and right side hemilaminectomy and micro d at L4 L5. i have know pain and i am not using any pain killers. i am able to walk fine shower and use the bathroom with out any trouble. ... (21 replies)
... Wow, ok Stan, thanks!! I am not sure if I have muscle weakness or not :confused: I can walk fine .... but I did notice something weird the other day. Like on my right foot .... I can take my big toe and cross it over to the toe beside it and I can like get it to crack. Well, I have been trying to do it with my left foot ... and I can't!! That's been that way for a few... (21 replies)
... Before I had my hemilaminectomy/discectomy performed in Houston on Nov. 11th as microsurgery by a neruosurgeon, I explored 2 other options to correct severe sciatic pain resulting from a rupture of the disk at the L5, S1 (sciatic pain left leg, buttock to knee joint accompanied by numbness on bottom of left foot). Second option was normal surgergy performed by an orthopedic... (21 replies)
... Tifferzz, on August 16th of last year I had a laminectomy/microdiscectomy at L5,S1. I struggled with pain for about a year before I had the surgery. For me, it has made a huge difference. I still get some leg and butt pain but it is nowhere near what it was before. My back does get a little sore when I sit too long or work it too much. I was unable to sit, bend, twist or... (21 replies)
... Welcome to the board. Would it be possible to get a copy of the surgery notes so you would know specifically what was done? I have never heard of a disc being completely removed without something being done to stabilize that segment. The doctor may have removed some of the disc, and the laminectomy is often done at the same time. Sometimes in the case of a... (1 replies)
... Hi, glad to meet someone with the same achiness I have after microdiscectomy in Dec. 2011. I get achiness every day, of varying degree, and position in my butt. ... (18 replies)
... L5, but went on to have to have further surgeries. The surgery you are having is also frequently called a microdiscectomy or decompression, and if you search old posts with those terms you'll find a lot of experiences people have had with that surgery. ... (1 replies)
... laminectomy with microdiscectomy 17 days ago. When I woke up from the surgery I had a little numbness in my right toe and a little pain in my right butt. ... (1 replies)
... This probably is typical case of badly treated and informed patient. We have examples of this in all countries. If you had fusion, then your incision IS OK. But that is why minimally-invasive fusion has been developed. Hemilaminectomy does not mean anything, this just means approach was through lamina. (8 replies)
... Had a Hemilaminectomy 17 months ago. ... (8 replies)
... GOD BLESS YOU SOOKIEPOOKA for sharing your MICRODISCECTOMY SURGERY Journey with us. It's surgery that my wife wanted instead of going through the six hour major HEMILAMINECTOMY that this surgeon did for a Bulging Herniated Disc L-5 S1 that includes all the hardware. After all this surgery, there is now impingement on the nerve from a bone. Very risky corrective... (36 replies)
... L5 hemilaminectomy microsurgical discectomy and foraminotomy. 2. fluoroscopy. Don't know if that answers you question though. ... (36 replies)
... I read that you have a lot of experience with hemilaminectomy microdiscectomy surgery. ... (3 replies)

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