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... ostic puzzle. The doctor correlates its findings with what is found on physical exam, basic neurological exam and after listening to the person's description of symptoms and how they affect daily life. But just looking at the report, I think it is doubtful that surgery would be recommended at this point. ... (3 replies)
... L3 surgery and what were the symptoms that you were having? ... (9 replies)
... filled sacs that most often affect nerve roots at the lower end of the spine. Such cysts typically cause no symptoms and are found incidentally on MRIs done for other reasons. ... (7 replies)

... Welcome to the board. The kyphosis won't correct itself. So in that sense the only way to truly address it is to have surgery. However, the kyphosis alone doesn't cause pain or other neurological symptoms. Only compression on nerves or the spinal cord will do that. It sounds like you have some back pain that is probably caused by nerve compression. If so, it is possible... (7 replies)
... its been 6 months...2 mri's..lumbar, thoracic...l2/l3 bulge l4/l5 mild bulge t/12 bulge...spine doctor thinks its not that bad and should not be causing me these problems..been to nuero....did nerve study...said nerves are weak but working, however muscles are not..dont really now all the details of that study....but here is what happens....this is not constant all the... (7 replies)
... encroaching on the left L2 nerve root within and dsital to the left intervertebral foramen". Does anyone else out there share this with me? ... (0 replies)
... Hi Don't, You might be better off getting a second opinion. NOw I am certainly not a doctor and don't even work in the medical field; however, since I've had my sciatca, i've been doing alot of reading up on medical sites, etc. I had found something called a dermatome map, which shows all the spinal vertebrae & discs and their corresponding named numbers (L1, L2, L3, L4,... (20 replies)
... Hi and sorry you are experiencing trouble with the back. For me, it didn't matter which level in the Lumbar buldged or herniated, I had pain in the low back just below the waist and as things worsened, across the butt to the hip, then down the leg. With some it went to the knee and stopped and with others it went all the way to the foot. Just depends on how badly the nerve... (9 replies)
... without symptoms during that time. Meaning, no weakness in walking, no pain, absolutely back to baseline? ... (16 replies)
... t feels like I am curling my toes but only 2 will do so and the others just dont move just straight out but it feels like they are its really freaky.. other pain symptoms I have is spasms that radiate from the bottom of my spine to my neck and it gets back to wear I jerk.. ... (7 replies)
What would you do?
Feb 15, 2015
... is that my symptoms aren't consistently severe. ... (15 replies)
What would you do?
Feb 11, 2015
... and I now have cervical spine symptoms I never had before. Yet he still says to me that he expects the MRI will look the same as it did before. ... (15 replies)
... I could use some help in deciphering these results. I am 48 yr old female, in relatively good shape. I have always been active and exercise on an elliptical 4 or more times per week. I started having "sciatica" type pain in September and went to a chiropractor who did xrays and started a treatment plan. I had some good relief until about December when things started up... (2 replies)
... On January 8, 2015 I had a Laminectomy of L2,L3,L4,L5. My symptoms were radiating pain from my buttocks down through my hamstring whenever I coughed, sneezed or standing for 40 minutes or more, no other symptoms. ... (2 replies)
... Hello, and welcome to the board. It is always helpful to look at MRI results in the context of symptoms so if you post your symptoms we're likely to be able to help further. ... (1 replies)
... k side. The disc at this level is bulging and some of the disc material is pushing beyond the disc space, out from the edge of the vertebra and pushing into the L3 spinal nerve. ... (12 replies)
... extension of the posterior lumbar interbody fusion from L3 through S1. ... (10 replies)
... s1 the severe foraminal narrowing may also be causing similar symptoms in the lower back, legs etc. ... (9 replies)
Back Issues
Jun 7, 2014
... no disk herniation coming in contact with the nerve any roots that come out of spinal canal. There is also no narrowing of the space that your spinal cord runs. Symptoms and MRI exam do not match. ... (1 replies)
... the passageway to narrow or become blocked, there no longer is sufficient space for the nerve to function normally. When the nerve is compressed, it causes the symptoms that radiate out and cause a finger or toe to be numb, or for stabbing pain down the back of leg, etc., depending on which nerve is affected. ... (5 replies)

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