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... ly now in February started to improve and heal and regain strength . Bent to get a drink out of fridge 6 weeks ago and still can barely move. Now I have a severe pain from my butt all the way to my ankle. When I sit I feel like my hip is dislocating . ... (1 replies)
May 2, 2016
... d diffusely decreased T1 signal , but no one mentioned it to me I read it on my chart. I have bad lower back l4,l5,l3,l2 three bulging discs, degenerative disc, nerve canal narrowing bone spurs, etc. So about a year ago my leg pain got different with added bone pain in my thigh but now the front. ... (0 replies)
... I got my CT WO contrast this morning and went to the PM consult. I am scheduled Friday for both Sacrals to be injected. The doctor is also going to put me on a nerve medicine but not sure which one yet. It's their policy that they don't do procedures or write scripts during a consult. ... (32 replies)

... That's how I feel too! Apparently I'm seeing an orthopedic surgeon, not a Neuro surgeon as I thought. He is more concerned about my fusion. He is the one who referred me to PM. I have open referral on my insurance. I guess my next step should be to see a NS? He put on my referral, treat for possible Arachnoditis. So that's not a diagnosis? He did point out that I have... (32 replies)
... If I were in your shoes, I would not let them inject anything into the spine until you know what is going on with the nerve clumping and until you find out more about arachnoiditis. If you do have arachnoiditis, having epidural steroid injections is like playing Russian Roulette. ... (32 replies)
... back pain themselves. ... (1 replies)
... He told me all was well and keep my one year appointment. I did receive relieve by having the surgery as my nerves were being crushed but the hip and lower back pain was still there. Before surgery I could barely walk because my nerve pain in my calves. So at least that is better. I did smoke before and after my surgery. ... (32 replies)
... is it normal to have constant sciatic pain 6 out of 10 after doing too much ? ... (2 replies)
... t to ask. It's my right side that's the worst but it gets painful on the left side as well. I can feel like a squishy area on my right "hip" lower back where the pain is. I stopped trying to use my heating pad on my lower back because I think it was making me worse. ... (32 replies)
... injection now with adhesive Arachnoiditis I do get my SI joint injected with steroidal medicine by trigger point injection and it completely relieves my SI joint pain for 6 months. If you have any questions I am happy to try to answer them. I hope that you don't have Arachnoiditis. ... (32 replies)
... rates and a portion of the inner core leaks out through the outer part of the disc. Often this pushes out of the disc space and comes in contact with the spinal nerve where it causes either irritation or compression of the nerve. Pain can be felt right at this point or it may radiate down the path of the nerve.... ... (10 replies)
... tay in the moment and just make it day to day. Like you said the waiting is the hardest part. Monday can't come soon enough. I've been reading a lot and see that nerve medicines take like six weeks, if they put me on something. I basically work go home and lie down. ... (32 replies)
... The surgeon will need to explain to you what is going on with the nerve roots that appear to be clumping and sticking together. Suggestion is made of possible arachnoiditis, as you already stated. ... (32 replies)
... (32 replies)
... re that epidural steroid injections and and epidural when I gave birth 21 years ago. I recently had Xrays and a MRI done to follow up and see why I am in so much pain and as a follow up after surgery. When I Google the results of my MRI Arachnoditis keeps coming up. I am due for a follow up on the 25th of this month. ... (32 replies)
... If there is some instability it can become a problem if a nerve ends up getting caught up in it, plus it just causes more stress on the adjoining discs, etc. Grades of a spondylolisthesis is in quarters... ... (1 replies)
... Hi I'm looking at your advice also thank you As I have l4l5 bulge & synovial cyst (7 replies)
... ion, but when I did it was up to me. There were no other treatments, surgically or conservative, that would address the problem, just things that might ease the pain for a bit...but I would still have the spondylolisthesis and ran the risk that it could slip further and worsen. ... (1 replies)
... I started having numbness on my big and 2nd toes on my right leg and shooting pain from right hip all the way to front of my shin, mostly intense while sleeping. When I touched top of my right foot, it will send a sharp pain to my toes. ... (1 replies)
... minal openings, where the nerves exit the spine and go out to the body. This narrows the opening, and puts pressure on the nerves which results in the radiating pain you identify as sciatic pain. ... (11 replies)

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