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... d it mainly occurs in two areas...the central spinal canal and in the neuralforamina which are small openings located at each vertebral level that allow a spinal nerve to exit the spine and go out to the part of the body that that particular nerve innervates. When this opening gets clogged up, the nerve suffers... ... (4 replies)
... the situation with the disc is a bit worse. The disc between the L4 and L5 vertebra is protruding and is extending out beyond the disc space. This causes the disc space to narrow which brings the bones closer together. ... (6 replies)
... Welcome to the board. You can treat the symptoms, but without specifically what is the pain generator, it probably won't have any long lasting effects. ... (1 replies)

... Sciatic pain is often caused by something like a bulging disc or stenosis pressing on a lower lumbar nerve...L5, S1, sometimes L4. ... (1 replies)
... Hmmm. My personal opinion is that they see some backs that are so horrendous and they deal with people all day long who talk about being in intense pain that after a number of years in practice, they lose all empathy. ... (10 replies)
... and my neurosurgeon wanted to take a look at my back before replacing the unit with subcutaneous leads in the area of my pain which is mostly my right lumbar area. I do have an appointment with my dr. next week to discuss the findings, but I would just like some input here. ... (10 replies)
... D3 daily and magnesium for nerve health so hopefully it will help in bone growth. ... (56 replies)
... Out of all 4 surgeons, I feel very comfortable with the last neuro as she doesn't roll her eyes at me when I asked questions such as EMG test, nerve monitoring, etc. ... (56 replies)
... th the right and left sides, specifically causing a narrowing of the foramina. The foramen is an opening located by each pair of vertebra that allows the spinal nerve to exit the spine to go out to the area of the body it innervates. ... (2 replies)
... I am new here but have been dealing with pretty bad back pain and wanted to get some feedback on new MRI findings before I see my doctor. Anxiety over findings and such of course. Any information is greatly appreciated! ... (2 replies)
MRI Results
Sep 17, 2016
... Thank you for the welcome and the info. Your explanations were awesome. I did play football in high school and the pain has gradually became more intense and frequent. ... (3 replies)
MRI Results
Sep 16, 2016
... a fusion surgery...and that the timing of it was up to me. I don't know what are your symptoms but with severe foraminal stenosis I would imagine you would have pain when walking or standing for any length of time. ... (3 replies)
Help please!
Sep 12, 2016
... based posterior disc protrusion. Mild central stenosis. Disc protrusion approaches the the traversing L5 nerve roots. There is mild to moderate right foramina stenosis. There is minimal left foraminal narrowing. ... (1 replies)
Sciatic pain
Sep 12, 2016
... steroidal drugs that are being used for epidural injections. In my experience, opioid pain medication does nothing to relieve pain caused by nerve compression. ... (1 replies)
X-ray Lumbar help
Oct 26, 2016
... I want you to find a "dermatome map" online to see which spinal nerve innervates which area of the body. Pain down the back of the leg is almost always caused by compression of the L5 or S1 spinal nerve. ... (2 replies)
... (8 replies)
... S1 in your case. Sometimes a nerve can get caught, resulting in leg pain, tingling, numbness and sometimes it affects the motion. ... (8 replies)
... r back or it can be felt anywhere along the pathway of the nerve. You can look online for a "Dermatome map" which will show you the pathway of a specific spinal nerve and the area of the body it innervates. ... (2 replies)
... omeone who specializes in reconstruction, I think you would find someone who could help you. Leaving the nerves badly compressed will likely result in permanent nerve damage and could eventually make your legs useless. ... (10 replies)
... should put away my IPad and come back to your post later.....but, I'm going to wade in anyway and apologize ahead of time if I rant. It annoys me when people in pain that has a reasonable chance of being resolved with surgery end up with a spinal cord stimulator. ... (10 replies)

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