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... the situation with the disc is a bit worse. The disc between the L4 and L5 vertebra is protruding and is extending out beyond the disc space. This causes the disc space to narrow which brings the bones closer together. ... (7 replies)
... I asked all of them about sacralized vertebra and most just brushed me again, saying it has no bearing on the fusion surgery. When I asked more, they get upset!! ... (56 replies)
... Just to be clear, you specifically asked about difficulty in fusing with your health history? Also, was there any mention of the sacralized vertebra? (56 replies)

... (8 replies)
... This is where one vertebra slips over the top of the adjacent vertebra. It can create instability in the spinal segment... ... (8 replies)
... The disc between the fourth and fifth lumbar vertebra is showing some signs of degeneration. Intervertebral discs are the soft cushions between the bones that allow the spine to twist and bend... ... (2 replies)
MRI Results
Sep 16, 2016
... aused by a pars defect that occurred during adolescence. Often the symptoms don't begin in earnest until a few decades later. A spondylolisthesis is when one vertebra slips over the top of the adjacent vertebra. ... (3 replies)
Sep 16, 2016
... I can only offer limited suggestions as to what might be going on since I have so little information to go on. A spondylolisthesis is when one vertebra slips over the top of the adjacent vertebra. ... (7 replies)
... I have been diagnosed with a Posterio Inferio chip fracture at the L5 Vertebra of the spine. ... (4 replies)
... What does partial Sacralisation of L5 means & what is the effect of it?? Is it a serious problem? (2 replies)
... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Sacralisation of L5 vertebra seen on both side" this means your bottom vertebra has fused to your sacrum which is the bone in the middle of your pelvis (2 replies)
... Sacralisation of L5 vertebra seen on both side - What does it mean? (2 replies)
... what is sacralisation of l5 vertebra (1 replies)
... Grade 1 anterolisthesis of L4 on L5. Straightening of the normal lumbar lordosis. Trasitinoal segment representing a partially scralized L5 vertebra. Rudimentary ribs at T12. ... (56 replies)
... In your case, the L5 vertebra is slipping over the top of the S1 vertebra. ... (1 replies)
... Hi, Thanks for sharing your case.. :) And yes,... there has been an increase in the pain (which earlier was negligible) after I started wearing the belt. I would be visiting my orthopedic to discuss the same ASAP, and shall keep posting about the same. Was there anything specific advised to strengthen the core muscles or bones. (4 replies)
... soo surprised they would tell you to wear the belt regularly.. i was told (mind you I have no fracture but L4/L5 annular tear and herniations there and up) that the belt would weaken my core muscles making the pain worse in the futer and causing other problems.. I was told to stregnthen the core muscles and that alone would aid in the relief of pain.. and only to use a belt... (4 replies)
... Yes, anterolisthesis is another name for spondylolisthesis. So her L5 vertebra (the bottomost of the lumbar part) is sliding forward on the S1 vertebra (the top of the sacrum part). It can be genetic aswell (when you're missing a tiny bit of bone in the joints at the back of the spine) so may not be due to disc degeneration or an accident. There's different grades of slippage... (4 replies)
... its when the bottom vertebra in your spine is fued to the sacrum which is the bone in the middle of your pelvis (1 replies)
... Think of this like an oreo cookie. There's the L5 vertebra (choc. cookie) the disc where you have the tear (the filling) and then the S1 vertebra (the other choc. cookie. There is a harder ring around the white part that, in your case, has developed a 5 mm hole, which is allowing the sticky white filling to leak out. Sometimes when this happens, the white filling spills onto... (10 replies)

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