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... I'm just so frustrated that after all of this I still have these issues. I know it's called failed back surgery or post laminectomy syndrome. I can't sit or stand for more than 15 mins or so without being in pain. What's more frustrating is that the doctors aren't sure what's causing this. ... (3 replies)
... inch incision. They said it was a Hemilaminectomy instead of a Laminectomy because only a portion of the Lamina was removed. ... (23 replies)

... Cardon- I just saw another thread on HealthBoards that you may find interesting. Posting links here is not allowed, but just search HeathBoards for "lumbar-synovial-cyst-removal-clamp-vs-fusion" which is the title of the thread. (23 replies)
... Cardon- I wish you the best of luck with your injections. To find a helpful guide to reading MRIs, search for ChiroGeek and go to his section entitled "The MRI page". What I've read & heard on the cause of Synovial Cysts is exactly what teteri66 says above, but in addition, I've also read that trauma or injury to a Facet joint may result in an outflow of synovial fluid to... (23 replies)
... Cardon- I wish you the best of luck with your injections. I've read that trauma or injury to a Facet joint may result in an outflow of synovial fluid to form a cyst. During the year before I first visited a spine doc, my pain steadily increased. They initially tried Facet joint shots, epidural steroid shots and Prednisone pills but none helped, so they recommend... (23 replies)
... Synovial cysts form most often at L4-L5, which is the spinal segment that takes the brunt of all movement of the spine. They form as the result of degenerative changes in the spine...specifically in the facet joints. The facet joints are the only moving joints of the spine, containing synovial fluid that aid movement, similar to the ankle, or knee. The synovium is a thin... (23 replies)
... PapaBill -- Yes, my initial cyst that was removed during the surgery, had formed inside the spinal cavity at the L5 region. My current pain is starting to mimic the pain I was having before my surgery. I was told that since the pain now only extends down to my knee, that it indicates issues with the facet joints and deterioration in that area of my back. If the pain progresses... (23 replies)
... Cardon - It's very interesting that in your initial post in this thread - you were 100% correct asking "Can cysts return that quickly?". In my reply to you, I was suspicious about your NS suggesting that your new pain was unrelated to the cyst. In case studies I found on the Internet, I recall seeing discussions of returning synovial cysts. They stated that fusion of the... (23 replies)
... PapaBill-- Glad to know that you're surgery went fine and you're on your way to recovery. I went for my consultation with the pain management doctor just yesterday after getting my first appointment rescheduled due to an emergency on the doctor's schedule. I was asked to bring the MRI results from my last MRI exam. After reviewing the MRI results, much to my surprise, she... (23 replies)
... I went back on the Percocet today and started doing more short walks. The pain now seems to be staying the same after several days of improving before I stopped the Percocet. To your point that "sitting puts around 33% more pressure on the discs..." - I'm told my discs all appear to be in good shape and no surgery was done on my discs or my vertebrae. I only had the... (23 replies)
... It is usually a good idea to take your pain meds as the doctor prescribed. In this day of opioid abuse, doctors are pretty careful about how much they prescribe. You need to learn to listen to your body and find that sweet spot where you are moving enough but not so much that you cause yourself pain. You could try cutting back on how long you are walking, but you do need to... (23 replies)
... teteri - Thanks, I started doing walks about every 1-2 hrs as you recommended (about 0.2 mi). Since my surgery last Tuesday, I've been taking Percocet, but my pain wasn't bad yesterday, so I thought I would try not taking any today. But the frequent walks made the pain grow worse, so I'll probably resume Percocet tomorrow. Any other words of wisdom for this rookie... (23 replies)
... Be sure to take short frequent walks. Walking is the best exercise to stretch out those spinal nerves, which helps to prevent scar tissue from attaching to a nerve as it forms and fills in during the first twelve weeks post surgery. Try to move a bit every couple hours...walking up and back a hallway or around your house will help. Speed and distance are not important at... (23 replies)
... I know they will be doing a laminectomy and it is at the toop portion of my thoracic spine that they need to reach. ... (1 replies)
... Hi Glen, I'm Joy. I see that you recently had a laminectomy. I too had it done recently, on January 12th. 6 weeks ago. Feels like it was done yesterday. I was wondering how you feel now, with a few more weeks under your belt. Are you allowed to start PT and do some exercising yet? My next appointment is March 12th. which will be at my 8 week mark. I hoping to start PT,... (2 replies)
... You might want to think about getting a second opinion from a fellowshiptrained orthopedic spine surgeon. Their training is similar to the neurosurgeon but sometimes they have a different way of resolving issues. It would be helpful to know a bit more about the period after the laminectomy. When did this "new" pain begin to develop? You said you didn't have it prior to... (23 replies)
... It seems unusual that your new pain started after your laminectomy and cyst removal, but yet you're being told its unrelated. It might be a good idea to ask another NS and see if he agrees. ... (23 replies)
... PapaBill- Sounds like we we're having the same type of problems with the cysts. However, my NS told me that the chances of the cyst returning were very slim. That contradicts what I'm reading from several people on these boards. I was told the laminectomy (bone removal) had to be done to gain access to the cyst. I asked the NS would anything be done to replace the section of... (23 replies)
... Welcome to the board. Unfortunately synovial cysts can and do come back. There is also the possibility that the laminectomy has caused a bit of instability which is causing some spinal nerve irritation or compression. ... (23 replies)

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