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... Hi Glen, I'm Joy. I see that you recently had a laminectomy. I too had it done recently, on January 12th. 6 weeks ago. Feels like it was done yesterday. I was wondering how you feel now, with a few more weeks under your belt. Are you allowed to start PT and do some exercising yet? My next appointment is March 12th. which will be at my 8 week mark. I hoping to start PT,... (2 replies)
... You might want to think about getting a second opinion from a fellowshiptrained orthopedic spine surgeon. Their training is similar to the neurosurgeon but sometimes they have a different way of resolving issues. It would be helpful to know a bit more about the period after the laminectomy. When did this "new" pain begin to develop? You said you didn't have it prior to... (9 replies)
... It seems unusual that your new pain started after your laminectomy and cyst removal, but yet you're being told its unrelated. It might be a good idea to ask another NS and see if he agrees. ... (9 replies)

... Just to clear a few things up. I was already suffering from degeneration and arthritis in the lower L5 region of my back prior to the cyst developing. This was due to having suffered a ruptured disc in my back in the '80s. That injury was treated with steroids as I opted not to have surgery. I've always had flare-ups from time to time with back pain in that area but the pain... (9 replies)
... So I had my follow up appointment with my NS today to discuss results from my lastest MRI. The news was both good and bad as far as I'm concerned. The good news is that the MRI showed no damage to the previous surgery site and no other herniated or bulging discs on the side where I'm having pain now. The bad news (at least in my opinion) is that this is pain that I'm gonna... (9 replies)
... PapaBill- Sounds like we we're having the same type of problems with the cysts. However, my NS told me that the chances of the cyst returning were very slim. That contradicts what I'm reading from several people on these boards. I was told the laminectomy (bone removal) had to be done to gain access to the cyst. I asked the NS would anything be done to replace the section of... (9 replies)
... Welcome to the board. Unfortunately synovial cysts can and do come back. There is also the possibility that the laminectomy has caused a bit of instability which is causing some spinal nerve irritation or compression. ... (9 replies)
... I had a laminectomy procedure done back in September of 2016 to remove a large synovial cyst in my L/5 disc that was compressing the nerves going down the left side of my body. The surgery went fine according to my NS, and for the most part I am pain free on that side of my body. However, 4 months post surgery and now I am having the same, if not worse pain on the opposite... (9 replies)
... Cardon- Here's a few thoughts ahead of your NS visit on Thursday - I'm curious how your new pain differs from the pain you had before your Sept surgery. My pain doc tells me that pain when sitting usually accompanies joint-related problems and pain when standing (but not when sitting) usually accompanies cyst-only problems. This is because the sitting (curved) spine opens... (9 replies)
... Cardon - I understand how you must feel having pain again after 4 months. I'll be closely following what you learn from your new MRI because, in 2 weeks I'm having my 1st visit with a NS about my synovial cyst at L4-L5. I've been to a pain doc and had a Epidural steroid injection, but it didn't help. Also Prednisolone tablets, but they didn't help. He decided I'm NOT a... (9 replies)
... Thanks. Hopefully I will find out something soon. Just wondering what the recommended course of action will be if that is the case. Definitely don't want to endure another surgery. (9 replies)
... Welcome to the board. First, I think the question is: do you need a fusion? I think that needs to be decided before you consider which procedure would be best for your body and your symptoms. Do you have sciatic pain? Has the cyst grown back? What was the location of the laminectomy? (1 replies)
... From Laminectomy with synovial cyst removal to Direct Lateral Interbody Fusion I am a Flight Attendant injured my back in 2014 because of turbulence Long story short, had a LSCR, cured my syatica left leg. Then started having pain in right side hip a Lumbard 5 6. After 2 years and still not returning to my job, the 3rd surgeon advice is to do a Direct Lateral Interbody... (1 replies)
... Welcome to the board. Did the Medrol pack help any? You say your leg was "crippled" prior to surgery? What do you mean by that and what is going on with it now? While it is frustrating that people with legitimate pain are having trouble getting the drugs they need due to opiate abuse, it is doubtful something stronger would make a difference to you. Opioids are not... (2 replies)
Back problems
Dec 31, 2016
... I discovered that no spine surgeries are ever the same, and there is no way to predict when one recovery will be harder than another. You don't mention what type of surgery you had, but if recovery was quick, I assume it was either a discectomy or laminectomy/sometimes called "decompression." It may be that this time a nerve had to be freed from scar tissue and the surgeon... (7 replies)
... Obviously I don't know enough about your specific issues to comment, but sometimes with a laminectomy, if a bit too much of the laminar is removed, it can create instability at that particular level. This could account for the new symptoms. Sometimes when the muscles are cut and retracted during surgery, it causes new symptoms that can hang around awhile until muscles,... (25 replies)
... This new severe pain starts in the center of the right buttock and runs down the back of the thigh. Sometimes it radiates toward the outside of the right butt/hip, and other times radiates toward the inside of the right leg. As of this evening the pain extends down to the middle of the right ham, and it is getting worse. From looking at anatomy drawings, I am guessing possible... (25 replies)
... I am three weeks post surgery. My problem before the surgery was a crippled right leg. The problem is worse, post surgery, so I called the surgeon, who placed me on a 5 day steroid pack. Here is my frustration. The pain is truly sapping the life out of me, but because of recent new auditing and accounting functions enacted in PA because of opiate and heroin deaths from... (2 replies)
... A laminectomy removes the back part of the vertebra to make more room for the spinal cord or the nerves of the cauda equina. ... (4 replies)
... ctor. PT has helped me a little with my strength and the shots have given me limited improvement. I just visited with the dr again and he is suggesting another laminectomy at L3. ... (4 replies)

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