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Apr 18, 2015
... I had surgery 9-29-15 Dr.James Rose in Austin,Texas. Seton brain and spine " laminectomy"I had to resort to a wheelchair for the last month before surgery. 20min after surgery in my hospital room they had me stand up straight and walk halls no pain. He is a teaching doctor at the hospital. Would like to hear if anyone has had a Nerve Ablation for my mother in law if it... (6 replies)
... S1, where there is a loss of disc height as well as a possible tear in the annulus of the disc. Surgical changes are noted from the laminectomy you had previously. ... (7 replies)
... This is my 1st time posting here.. and sorry in advance because I know this post is lengthy... I had an MRI my results in a nutshell are L1-L2 disc bulging with mild facet arthropathy from L2-L3 disc bulging with facet arthropathy with canal stenosis L3-L4 disc bulging with mild facet arthropathy L4-L5 disk bulging severe facet arthropathy moderate canal stenosis, mild... (7 replies)

... S1 lumbar laminectomy with intervertebral spacer placement and posterior spinal fusion with pedicle screws and connecting rods. There is anatomic alignment at this level. ... (7 replies)
... fusion and laminectomy . ... (2 replies)
... Two hands gives you some good information. It is very unusual to do a laminectomy on two or more spinal segments without fusing the area. When the lamina is removed to make room for the compressed nerves, it can create instability. ... (2 replies)
... On January 8, 2015 I had a Laminectomy of L2,L3,L4,L5. ... (2 replies)
... It is true that the recent report you shared above mentions moderate spinal stenosis at L3/L4 but I would question whether that is what is causing your symptoms. In order for central stenosis to cause symptoms the narrowing has to cause compression on either nerve roots or the spinal cord. The spinal cord has already terminated at L2. I have read of very severe central... (10 replies)
... I don't know where you live but I feel safe in saying that the spine surgeons I know would never do a laminectomy without a fusion given that you already have spondylolisthesis from L2 to each disc level. ... (10 replies)
... c the laminectomy is not an option for me. ... (10 replies)
First time post
Mar 10, 2015
... Welcome to the board. Unfortunately, only someone with a crystal ball could give you that information. If you had a problem with scar tissue the first time, chances are good you will have similar problems this time. The best way to prevent scar tissue from attaching to a nerve is to take short walks frequently. Each body creates scar tissue. It is nature's way of... (3 replies)
First time post
Mar 9, 2015
... I have just had a second laminectomy after my MRI showed excesses scar tissue on my previous MRI , this was in 6 months, please let me know that this will work, I am scared and hurting, when will I feel better and be able to return to work (3 replies)
... Everyone I know who has had a fusion reports feeling tired for quite 6-9 takes energy to grow bone. Any activity you do during the day takes away from this...and there isn't any extra to go around. General anesthesia creates havoc with hormones and body systems in general. It takes several months for things to begin to get back to normal.... (2 replies)
... I would think that is pretty normal given the toll that healing from major surgery takes as well as the effects of the narcotics. I can tell you that if I took up to 20mg of oxycodone a day, I'd be tired too :) One of the side effects of oxycodone is that it interrupts normal sleep patterns as well and it's not uncommon for people to have periods of insomnia mixed with... (2 replies)
... *Hugs* to you, Upstate! This is a very rare and unfortunate risk of any spine surgery. You just never think something like this will happen to you until it does. There are several possibilities of what is causing this. You obviously have damage to the nerves supplying the areas affected which happened during surgery. Surgeons will often use small tools to lift nerve... (2 replies)
... Posted once, but don't know if ever came up, anyway Had L-3 to S-1 fusion, laminectomy, clean out, for multiple reasons mostly RT leg & crotch were on fire & non useable. After being passed around from er (3rd time) to KNEE dr, because I need knee replacements, ended up with a spinal surgeon out of Toldedo, Oh. I had that done Dec.08,2014 then on Jan 07 2015 had a rt shoulder... (1 replies)
... 7 months ago I had my first spine surgery and hopefully my last. I turned 57 last July, was an RN for almost 35 years. When I was 19 and a student nurse, on my physical exam the Dr. found I had scoliosis (right curve) of thoracic spine. I went to a specialist and curve measured 23 degrees. Dr. told my mom it wouldn't progress, now this was 1979. Fast forward to 2001 I was... (2 replies)
... he military, both rotator cuffs, both wrists and 3 cervical surgeries in a 6 month time frame, 2 cervical disc surgeries and C4 C5 and C6 C7 and then a cervical laminectomy from C2 through C7. ... (4 replies)
... I did not mean there was NO stenosis. I had thought, from the first post, that you meant there was central canal stenosis throughout the lumbar spine. However, after rereading it, I see you only stated "stenosis." I had expected to see on the MRI report that there was moderate or severe central canal stenosis. So, I was just surprised at how relatively little there was... (10 replies)
... Teteri66, On my MRI report four years ago, the impression stated "Central spinal stenosis is present at the L3-4 and L4-5 levels, and there is marked foraminal narrowing on the right at L4-5. And it also states "there is moderately severe to severe central spinal stenosis at L3-4 with some foraminal narrowing without nerve root compression". And on the most recent one (these... (10 replies)

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