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... 7 months ago I had my first spine surgery and hopefully my last. I turned 57 last July, was an RN for almost 35 years. When I was 19 and a student nurse, on my physical exam the Dr. found I had scoliosis (right curve) of thoracic spine. I went to a specialist and curve measured 23 degrees. Dr. told my mom it wouldn't progress, now this was 1979. Fast forward to 2001 I was... (2 replies)
... It is true that the recent report you shared above mentions moderate spinal stenosis at L3/L4 but I would question whether that is what is causing your symptoms. In order for central stenosis to cause symptoms the narrowing has to cause compression on either nerve roots or the spinal cord. The spinal cord has already terminated at L2. I have read of very severe central... (10 replies)
... I don't know where you live but I feel safe in saying that the spine surgeons I know would never do a laminectomy without a fusion given that you already have spondylolisthesis from L2 to each disc level. ... (10 replies)

... c the laminectomy is not an option for me. ... (10 replies)
... Does your doctor recommend a laminectomy or did he perhaps say a laminectomy with fusion? ... (10 replies)
... Many surgeons will not do a laminectomy only procedure if multiple levels are involved. ... (2 replies)
... pondylolisthesis. This is slippage of one vertebrae forward over the other, which causes the nerves to get pinched off more. If there is no instability, only the laminectomy need be done to remove the encroaching herniated disc material off the nerve root. ... (2 replies)
... Hello Everyone, First time to the website and new to the board. Left the Neurosurgeons office a couple of weeks ago with news I'm still trying to get my head around. Known for some time that I've had a couple of large herniated discs at L3/4 and L4/5 and a large bulge at L2/3. Also known that I'd need surgery. A laminectomy/discectomy at the two lower levels, at least,... (2 replies)
... he military, both rotator cuffs, both wrists and 3 cervical surgeries in a 6 month time frame, 2 cervical disc surgeries and C4 C5 and C6 C7 and then a cervical laminectomy from C2 through C7. ... (4 replies)
... I did not mean there was NO stenosis. I had thought, from the first post, that you meant there was central canal stenosis throughout the lumbar spine. However, after rereading it, I see you only stated "stenosis." I had expected to see on the MRI report that there was moderate or severe central canal stenosis. So, I was just surprised at how relatively little there was... (10 replies)
... Teteri66, On my MRI report four years ago, the impression stated "Central spinal stenosis is present at the L3-4 and L4-5 levels, and there is marked foraminal narrowing on the right at L4-5. And it also states "there is moderately severe to severe central spinal stenosis at L3-4 with some foraminal narrowing without nerve root compression". And on the most recent one (these... (10 replies)
... Yes, I'm confused by the stenosis causing the balance issues. You can have balance issues due to spinal cord compression, but as far as I know the spinal cord ends at L1/L2 and your stenosis doesn't begin until L2. I could imagine diabetic neuropathy causing permanent damage to the nerves in your feet which might cause balance issues or as Teteri66 suggests, issues further up... (10 replies)
... Have you ever had a cervical MRI? Do you ever have any tingling in hands or stiffness or pain in your neck? One source of difficulty in balance, walking etc. is myelopathy, which can be a problem in the cervical spine. (I am trying to think of other reasons for your difficulty walking. I don't need a cane but I do have balance problems due to my previous nerve... (10 replies)
... On Nov. 5th 2014 I had a laminectomy on 3-4-5-6 I believe , and a L-3-4 spinal fusion with a disc replaced with a spacer and some stem cell therapy . I also had a cage and 4 screws into my spine .So it has been 10 weeks and I see the doctor next week . He says that in 12 weeks I should be able to have a full release and go back to work . But I still have a lot of pain . When... (7 replies)
... I'm with teteri66 that what you're saying is confusing. Balance issues aren't typically caused by spinal stenosis, it would more likely come from inner ear issues. How does your doctor know your balance issues are from your spinal stenosis vs. other issues? Also, you said your feet are always numb but if you have diabetic peripheral neuropathy that could cause that so it... (10 replies)
... Thank you, Teteri66! I have a followup appointment with my neurologist 1/30. I got an MRI and they said I have central spinal stenosis from L2-L5. The doctor told me (before the MRI) that I most likely will need surgery but did not go into details. I used to have a lot of pain but now hardly any, just balance problems. Have to walk with a cane now or holding onto... (10 replies)
... I don't know what to do. I have to make a decision about having open back surgery for spinal stenosis from L2-L5. From everything I have read, the success rate is not good. I do not have any pain, just balance issues and cannot walk without an assistive device. I am not on any meds (don't need them) and don't want to be. Seems I have two choices: 1) Don't have surgery... (10 replies)
... I agree with this. I have had 5 spine surgeries and the easiest surgery being a laminectomy where they removed bone spurs and part of the vertebrae bone and there is no way I could return to work within a week. I might add I would not want to anyway as the risk of adding scar tissue to a back problem will only cause more problems in the end. (16 replies)
... Hello all. I had a laminectomy and discectomy at L3-L4 right before Thanksgiving. The healing process has been going well up till one week ago. I started having dull aching pain in my front pelvic area from hip to hip. Each day the pain gets just a little worst and I get a little weaker in the legs, to the point now that I can't walk straight and have almost fell several... (1 replies)
Continued leg pain
Dec 29, 2014
... Join Date: Jul 2005 Posts: 1 Jeff G. Continued leg pain -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I had a hemi-laminectomy approx. 4 years ago that didn't fix the problem that I had of severe achiness in front of both legs. Diagnosed as spinal stenosis. I developed from this surgery 15 degree scoliosis so I saw a doctor at... (1 replies)

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