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... When the doctor tests reflexes, like when he hits right below the knee, does your leg react or kick out far? ... (4 replies)
... described in previous post as "Make a 4 with knee of affected side, which is my right side. Lie on back. Raise left knee, left foot in floor. Put ankle of right leg on left knee so that right knee points right. ... (12 replies)
... Well, I can only assume, since you have so much pain, that even the small amount of spondylolisthesis and possible non fusion or incomplete fusion is allowing a little shifting and one or more nerves are getting pinched. What one reads about spondylolisthesis indicates that a Grade 1 spondy does not necessarily have to be treated and is not necessarily painful...but I know... (7 replies)

Right leg pain
Apr 28, 2016
... o check on this area for movement and he said the results were within normal limits. There was some movement but not significant. So, I have an appointment at my pain managemtn doctor to get an injection. ... (6 replies)
May 2, 2016
... I read it on my chart. I have bad lower back l4,l5,l3,l2 three bulging discs, degenerative disc, nerve canal narrowing bone spurs, etc. So about a year ago my leg pain got different with added bone pain in my thigh but now the front. I explained it to my wife as like deep done against the bone. ... (1 replies)
... I must say that I hated it for the first two months but now I can't think of how I would feel without it! It doesn't cover my back but it does help my butt and leg pain. Good luck I hope this helps . ... (2 replies)
... First thank for your reply. I am going for a flex/ext xray this week maybe Monday before my appointment next week. I have a appointment June 4th with a orthopedic surgeon for a second opinion Who knows maybe this bone stimulator maybe be working but still dealing with pain in back plus when on my feet for long time the burning in the leg The pain is a 4 -5 so advil helps... (7 replies)
... This type of pain indicates nerve involvement. ... (7 replies)
... Make a 4 with knee of affected side, which is my right side. Lie on back. Raise left knee, left foot in floor. Put ankle of right leg on left knee so that right knee points right. ... (12 replies)
... djust the dosage that will help me. I am hopeful. Sitting and standing kill me. Laying down helps a lot until my spasms and legs start acting restless leg syndrome, I suppose. I had to drive to the shop...then to job the CT...back to job...back to PM...then all the way home....had to make dinner... ... (32 replies)
Right leg pain
Apr 25, 2016
... leg pain. Sometimes it can be difficult to determine the pain generator. ... (6 replies)
Right leg pain
Apr 25, 2016
... I was surprised to learn that the cause of my leg pain was steming from my back. ... (6 replies)
Right leg pain
Apr 24, 2016
... on Dec 17, 2015. The first 2 monts were ok but now i have pins and needles and extreme right leg pain. I had an mri and no more ruptured disc or anything to operate on. The pain is unbearable and not getting bettet. ... (6 replies)
Right leg pain
Apr 25, 2016
... Boy, I pretty much have the same thing. I just wish I knew who can diagnose this. The pain wakes me in the middle of the night, and I can't go back to sleep. ... (6 replies)
Right leg pain
Apr 25, 2016
... Welcome to the board. If the disc is not bulging or herniated, it may be that too much lamina was removed in your laminectomy, and it created a little bit of movement between the segments. This creates instability which sometimes allows a nerve to get caught as things shift ever so slightly...which results in nerve pain. This is something that would not necessarily show up... (6 replies)
Right leg pain
Apr 25, 2016
... So what's the solution to this - I have spondylolisthesis - so if it gets bad enough I'll have to have a fusion? (6 replies)
... he likely come from the right side of the disc that has narrowing which is the side he didn't but rod or screws he only did the left side. I have alot ofmy back pain is on the left side. He is tell me when we do the flextion and extension xray he will be looking for a halo at the screws. ... (7 replies)
... I have persistent sciatic and lower back pain that often reaches the point where it impairs the daily activities of an otherwise healthy young man. ... (0 replies)
... It is hard to say what is causing the pain. Is this the same pain you had back in Feb when you posted? ... (7 replies)
... the burning pain comes and goes when on my feet for long periods is when it normally happens. I also have a lot of pain with movements in my back . I am wearing a bone stimulator because of no bone growth. ... (7 replies)

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