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MRI help?
Dec 14, 2014
... Hi, I am new to this. 55 year old female. I started having neck and back pain about two years ago and had xrays. ... (4 replies)
... nths. Never followed up because i started to have my back issue. My main concern is the very apparent stiffness and soreness in my leg. It honesyly feels like my leg has lead in it. ... (7 replies)
... ot answered by my doctor. I wish they had a booklet to let people know what to expect. I am icing everyday and my legs are literally numb for the last 3 days. My pain went from my left buttock to my leg then to my right. This has to be nerves I think and or scar tissue that I have heard you briefly talk about in other posts. ... (10 replies)

... Moderate stenosis or narrowing in the foramen will cause nerve pain as the space for the nerve is restricted. The pain can be felt at the location of the L5 disc or it can radiate out along the path of the spinal nerve... ... (1 replies)
... That was until this afternoon. I got into my car and experienced a sharp pain at my left shoulder blade. I wasn't doing anything to cause an injury. All I did was sit down. ... (3 replies)
... Sorry to hear about your pain and frustration on not getting good answers. ... (10 replies)
... I'm 35 with 3 kids male. I've had this pain for about 1 month now, it first started on my back muscle then lower back to buttock, hip, leg all on right side. ... (4 replies)
New here concerned
Nov 25, 2014
... or sacral issues, it is quite common to have pain in the buttocks, groin and hip area. You can look up a dermatome map to see which spinal nerves innervate which areas of the body. ... (13 replies)
... Thanks so much for the replies...super helpful. If the piriformis muscle were irritating the sciatic nerve, could this effect both hips/legs? (6 replies)
... buttocks lies on top of the sciatic nerve and it attaches over by the hip. If this muscle becomes inflamed or is taut, it can tug on the sciatic nerve, causing pain running down the leg and radiating over to the hip. ... (6 replies)
... Do you have pain on one side or the other? ... (6 replies)
... as only been 4 weeks since I had my surgery. And my doctor and i discussed in detail the pros and cons and after surgery issue. I do want to know if the shooting pain here and there is normal. I will have pain in my feet,my calf. Just quick little annoying pain. Also when I lay down after a walk to ice my back. ... (10 replies)
... weeks normally and my back would feel better. Six weeks later i went back to the dr and said the pain was bad and getting worse and normally my back pain would be gone by then. Dr ordered x rays which went on to ctscans scans. Was just told no more walking up hills and that i had some bulging discs. ... (10 replies)
... My first injection into the tail bone worked but it woke up a year later. I am only allowed so much steroids to be pumped into my body within a certain time frame. So i am avoiding that one until i can get the facet joints done. All the other injections which some were in the back, hip and pelvic bone areas didn't do a thing. I received two into my right facet just over a... (10 replies)
... Back pain for over 2 yrs, quite severe most of the time. Issues with sitting, standing and walking. Using a cane for the most of it recently. ... (10 replies)
Dec 4, 2014
... ptoms that sound similar to yours. Her issue turned out to be a fracture of a thoracic vertebra. This caused some spinal nerve compression which caused chronic pain in her mid back and sometimes it radiated down to her leg and hip when she walked "too far. ... (7 replies)
... My concern is that, let's say it is successful and I'm pain free, the feeling comes back to my leg and knee, etc. So I get back to my regular routine. What's going to happen to the rest of my bulging and ruptured discs? ... (12 replies)
... I also told him that I had done something else on Friday, and had excruciating pain shooting through my hip, down the inside of my thigh, and to my knee. Also, my left knee is numb. ... (12 replies)
... There really isn't anything your PCP can do to make things better, or even diagnose you further. Pain medication does not have much effect on pain that is caused by irritated or compressed nerves. He could perhaps get you started on gabapentin or Lyrica to see if it would help with your nerve pain. ... (12 replies)
... We had a turn of events tonight. I bent over slightly this morning to get a cup of coffee from the end table and had a horrible pain in my left hip. After taking a pain killer and resting for 30 minutes, I was better and the pain was tolerable. Fast forward to this afternoon. ... (12 replies)

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