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... CT: Yes, I obviously thought that the surgery had a direct effect (due to the coccydynia starting 2 weeks afterward). I did have two MRIs since, nothing remarkable. But, I had one sitting Xray that showed a slightly dislocated bottom coccyc segment (upon leaning backwards). I also get the butt pain immediately if I sit w/o a coccyx cushion. Odd that a pinched nerve or... (11 replies)
... (19 replies)
... Now, just on May 22 of this year, I had a pinched nerve fixed, and also a Lumbar Spinal Fusion... ... (19 replies)

... kidney infection to appendix to cyst on ovaries and finally decided perhaps it was a pinched nerve and sent me to PT. ... (3 replies)
... it sounds like it could be sciatica to me.....i have that and when it acts up i get a sharp stabbing pain by my hips, butt, and down my leg. the chiropractor usually helps with it, since it's a pinched nerve (the sciatic nerve). have you tried a chiropractor? (23 replies)
... What you describe above is to me, the classic definition of sciatic pain. When your disc ruptured, I imagine you developed either L4 or L5 nerve irritation or damage. ... (10 replies)
... Wow Footny, I completely feel your pain. I had a pinched nerve at L4/L5 and that was AWFUL!!! My disc was ruptured though, not buldging. My NS said surgery immediately! I had that nasty painful burning sensation down my right leg and my 'butt' (kinda deep inside where the hip joint would be) hurt fiercely too. I hope you find relief soon. It sounds like you are in quite... (18 replies)
... Recovery from my second surgery has been much WORSE than recovery from the first surgery. The first two weeks I was experiencing such intensive nerve pain that I just wanted to die! It was about the worst pain I had ever felt in my entire life! ... (20 replies)
... car accident in 1996, pinched nerve in neck area, couldn't move arm. doc gave me exer. to do. ... (6 replies)
... I think you did good by booking an appt for an MRI and EMG as this should help find out if there is some nerve compression. ... (9 replies)
... The touch your toes tests your flexibility and if you have disc issues may get nerve pain when you bend. The stand on you toes and heals tests the muscle strength which can be weakened by a pinched nerve or muscle in your back. ... (2 replies)
... I have had an MRI and Nerve test . The Mri showed very little narrowing, not much of anything said the doc. My doc said just to keep being active and using the toradol shots... ... (5 replies)
... al nerve. This is often caused by stenosis or by a herniated disc. It may be that your stenosis has gotten worse and the space has closed to the point that the nerve roots are either being "pinched" or are inflammed. Either could cause pain across your buttocks and running down one or both legs. ... (22 replies)
... Hey all, I was wondering if this is just a pinched nerve or something else. ... (0 replies)
... I have had a pinched sciatic nerve for about 15 years. ... (5 replies)
Who to see
May 19, 2008
... Let me tell you the steps I had to go through for the same thing which more than likely is due to your L5 and or S1. I saw my primary doctor who couldn't help so he sent me to PT which didn't help so back to the primary I went. From there he sent me to a pain specialist and I did that for a year but the pain got worse and then I had it in both legs and after so long the PS... (9 replies)
Who to see
May 19, 2008
... f this board for awhile with lower back questions. I have finally decided to go see a specialist for my lower back pain. The pain is now radiating into my left butt cheek and down my leg into my knee. If I sleep on my back to long my leg will go numb or get a hot sensation to it. ... (9 replies)
... S1 since 2005. Began in spring of 05 with pinched nerve in neck. ... (7 replies)
... Mine was supposed to be nerve damage , but I don't understand why it keep's getting worse when I'm on my butt or feet , when I lay down it almost goes away ? ... (38 replies)
... The 1st thing the Dr or PT will do is test your reflexes and do a straight leg raise. In the early stages of sciatica, the nerve is usually really inflamed so you may not be able to raise the leg very far. 800 mg of IB works very well. ... (13 replies)

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