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... February, but he had to go back in on May 4th because of severe pain and it got to where I could no longer walk. He found a piece of bone stuck into the Sciatic Nerve and removed it. I was doing great and then it all began again. He has done everything he knows to do and is almost to the point of giving up. ... (92 replies)
... core class and I have been suffering from excruciating pain ever since. My doctor said it was a pinched sciatic nerve, and to take it easy for a few days. ... (8 replies)
... yrs that i havent damaged the nerve..please tell me how your sciatic nerve got damaged.also the dr didnt say anything about a series of 3 shots..he just said he would prefer to give me 1 shot.. ... (51 replies)

... butt area. Chances are that your leg pain is coming from a pinched nerve somewhere else. ... (30 replies)
... I have a pinched nerve and on May 3rd the Surgeon wants to discuss with me the results of the CT Scan and such. I want to be informed about how things work. ... (6 replies)
... As for the Pain, I do know it is the Sciatic Nerve Dysfunction. It is the same as the normal Sciatic pain, only also causing the pain in the lower front abdomen as well. ... (43 replies)
... back exercises, because of that left butt pain and going down leg. ... (7 replies)
... ms and legs. I will look into going to an outside specialist. The pain is definately not going away. I had to go to the ER this weekend bc I had what felt like a pinched nerve or something in my butt. It was very painful. ... (9 replies)
... Wow! You are amazing.. To cope with that pain for for years. I know how back pain can age us prematurely. I hate that. It seems like i gained 3 years in one year of back pain. So much for letting time heal the tear. Dont know what to say about yours other than you know you have tried everything. Maybe waiting is a good thing for there maybe better surgery comming up.... (5 replies)
... I was at a 9-10 on the pain scale, and had tried EVERYTHING for years. I had a riding accident 5/20/2000, and started visiting doctors to get this fixed by 6/9/2000. Well over 4 years. I've had days where I couldn't stand...I would have to crawl in order to move. In addition to the tear, I've had SI Joint pain (now the IDET is done, I'll be able to ID if it was from the... (5 replies)
... First stay away from a chiropracter! You need to see a Orthopadic doctor and get an MRI done. It sounds as if you have a nerve that is getting pinched. The Mri will show if a disc is causing the nerve issue. ... (8 replies)
Drx 9000
Jun 2, 2004
... Howerver, two years later I fell and it moved the scar tissue and pinched the nerve again! ... (5 replies)
Back pain...WHY!?
Apr 17, 2004
... I am now 40 but when I was pregnant with my son (who is now 17), I started having back problems. I carried him very low and there were times that I could barely walk and I had terrible back spasms. After delivery; I lost all of the weight I gained; road by bike for miles regularly and was in great shape physically; yet the back pain never quite went away. There would be times... (2 replies)
Back pain...WHY!?
Apr 17, 2004
... i just had a baby 6 months ago and when i was pregnant (when i got bigger) i started having TERRIBLE back pain that would paralyze me...if i was walking and it hit i would just stop dead in my tracks, i couldnt move because the pain was so bad. (it was in my lower left back) i had to start walking with a crutch and then once it got so bad i went to the emergency room and the... (2 replies)
... I have that crunching sound and they say it is arthritis. I also had not one but 4 car accidents 3 from the back. I also had a terrible fall onto my butt and they some drs say I have an L5 problem. ... (11 replies)
... NCV a week ago and the dr. who did it said he could tell that there was a pinched nerve from the herniated disc. I have had butt pain shooting all the way down the legs since last august, and its gotten really bad recently. ... (5 replies)
Need Advice
May 23, 2003
... Hi Sarah, My guess would be you have a pinched nerve in your L4/L5 to L5/S1 area. If sitting aggravates your situation and you have leg pain running from foot to butt....then that may very well be the case. You should get an MRI done...that is better than X-rays. Start writing down EVERYTHING you can think of. Trust me on this soon as you step into the... (1 replies)
... and the line was just a bunch of quick up and downs, I asked him what that meant. He said it meant I had a pinched nerve. I'm not going to lie and say there was no pain in this part, but it wasn't nearly as unbearable as the epidural injections I received a week later. ... (13 replies)
Surgery on 3/11??
Feb 23, 2003
... yrs. I have gone through 3 chiropractors, PT twice, Cortizone pills twice and zero help. I have seen three different doctors of which the first said a pinched nerve. ... (58 replies)
Aug 21, 2002
... But sounds like you have a slight pinched nerve going on. My doctors did nothing until I was immobilized and unable to walk before doing anything. ... (3 replies)

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