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... spinal fusion with titanium rods in about a month. ... (0 replies)
... Any change in your foot drop? (4 replies)
... Your information about having a MRI after fusion is not correct. You can have one but there is a possibility that the hardware will through off the clarity of the images. ... (4 replies)

... Hello Teteri66, Thanks for your response. Like you mentioned, MRI will show nerve compression but not irritation. Would the XRays show if the screw has migrated and touching the nerve? I know I will get Xray on my post-op next month. I heard that a standard MRI will NOT work anymore with implants and Myelogram is the only imaging procedure for implants? I'd heard... (4 replies)
... My first post op appt is 5 week away! Can I wait or should I see my PCP to get Emg or MRI done soon? ... (4 replies)
... I don't think you would gain much by going to the ER. Other than doing some imaging, what are they going to do? MRI will show nerve compression. However, it will not show nerve irritation, which I suspect is causing the drop foot. It would probably also show if the screw has migrated and is now resting on or becoming entangled in a nerve. At this point I don't think... (4 replies)
... It's not great to have a fracture but I think it is better than having the screw piercing a spinal nerve. Assuming the bone graft takes and you get a solid fusion, things should heal up nicely. ... (5 replies)
... tinues to irritate the nerve, you can end up with chronic nerve pain. It is important at this point in recovery to take short, frequent walks to stretch out the spinal nerves. As I think I mentioned earlier, this is the best way to keep scar tissue from attaching to a nerve as it forms and fills in post surgery. ... (53 replies)
... Hi can someone give opinion please MRI results: Marrow: abnormal signal at c4 Fractures: none Spinal cord no abnormal signal seen within the cervical spine Disc spaces: post fusion changes are noted from c5-c7. There are degenerative changes above and below the fusions. C2-c3 no disc bulge C3-c4 there is broad herination across the disc margin with impingment on the... (0 replies)
... As always thanks, and yeah my left calf and foot seem very cold all the time, crazy the first 2 doctors acted like no big deal. I could even tell my left ankle/calf was weak and they acted like it wasn't. The NS saw that immediately and I think that's why he said lets do surgery asap. I was wondering about the tugging on the nerves as I have seen some videos that look... (53 replies)
... n in the front side of my thighs, and they were numb and felt icy cold. Most surgeons do not say this to their patients, but mine told me he had to "tug" on the spinal nerve to free it...and told me the pain was temporary and would go away "soon. ... (53 replies)
... As many of you have done in the past to get you here, I'm looking for answers. I'm 15 years old and 3 years post spinal fusion for correcting a 55 degree scoliosis curve. ... (0 replies)
... You are only 4 months post spinal fusion, I do not know if your Doctor told you, but recovery from a fusion takes about a year, and that is full recovery. ... (2 replies)
... It was good to read your post as I have been trying to find out whether my recovery is "normal" whatever that is. ... (9 replies)
... s causing pain but prior to ALIF surgery I never had this buttocks pain , specially getting in and out bed. I was wondering if anyone has had same symptoms after spinal fusion surgery having Hip Pain From Arthritis or Hip Bursitis? ... (13 replies)
... I am a 25 year old female who had spinal fusion surgery for Scoliosis in 2000. I had a "S" curve of 54 degrees before my surgery and had a successful recovery. ... (1 replies)
... My post op appointment is in 5 days. ... (2 replies)
... Tomorrow is 1wk from my 1 level spinal fusion/lamanectomy. I notice even with all the pain medication it kills me to lay on the bed on my back even with a pillow under my feet or not under my feet and a pillow under my head. Any suggestions, thanks?? (4 replies)
... Well the initial problem I had was continued pain post surgery and I still have said pain but now the neurological issues are starting to pop up. ... (0 replies)
... Herinated disks in the report are the same ones I had spinal fusion at L4/L5 & L5/S1. I also have bulging disks at C5,C6 and C7 levels with C2 through C7 degenerative. (3 replies)

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