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... the microdiscetomy and I know there is alot of success at least what I keep reading the studies go on only like 2 years and the patients are still in good shape after the 2 year check up. But when I went to the surgeon Thursday I saw the MRI for the first time and my herniation is more of a bulge like a flat tire. ... (18 replies)
... it was ok but over the last 6 weeks or so I've developed agonising pain from what feels like the location of where I had the injections. I've also developed pain running down my leg, a throbbing but sharp pain which if it catches me off guard can be a definite 9 on the pain scale, especially if I walk or I'm sitting upright. ... (5 replies)
Lower back pain
Dec 22, 2015
... Hello everyone :) - why does my lower back hurt less when i lift my leg to a higher ground, for instance if i put it on my desk while sitting To begin a quick history of my injury: - L5 S1 listesis and absolute stenosis L5-S1 (herniated disc) - Sacrum acutum, slight overcurvature of lower back, also judging by looks slight overcurvature of upper back ( S shape )... (4 replies)

... adually worse, the Physo thought the gluteus maximus had weaken and was putting more demand on the piriformis muscle which would explain the painful ciatica pain running down the whole leg when walking. And the buttucks pain. ... (0 replies)
... ted disc six months ago and whilst my back feels much better I still suffer left leg numbness of the shin and a tight front calf muscle, strangely I have started running since six weeks now and after a run my leg feels better for a couple of days before tightening up again. ... (5 replies)
... it flares up my L4 and L5 nerve roots, and I get pain running around the front of the hip and even in the front of the thigh and groin area. A dermatome map shows my pain areas to be where the L4 and L5 nerve roots are. ... (2 replies)
Sciatica help
Mar 10, 2013
... ont even give me Flexeril. Its so frustrating. The doc who said I was hypochondriac was my psychiatrist. He said all hypochondria is is excessive worry. Ive been running around like a crazy person thinking I had a blood clot for 2 months. ... (4 replies)
... e spinal nerves being irritated or compressed by something pushing on them, taking up space they need to function properly, or by being chemically irritated from disc material that is leaking from a herniated disc. ... (1 replies)
... curious to see how other members similar to myself recovered. I am 22 years old and a year ago began to experience a lot of knee and leg pain. I injured my knee running and began to experience severe knee and leg pain. Stupidly I ignored the pain and 6 months later got an mri scan. ... (4 replies)
... The herniated disc caused numbness in my left calf and foot but the docs would not do anything surgical because I still had full function. ... (2 replies)
... (13 replies)
... S1 for spinal stenosis due to a 22 x14 x9 x12 mm disc extrusion as well as a herniated disc just above that one and three other disc are bulging on top of that one. I did physical therapy for 3.5 months and took 4 steroid epidural shots in a little under three months.. ... (13 replies)
... Was there a period of time after the surgery that you were somewhat improved in your pain, or was there never any change? ... (1 replies)
... I noticed the area in which I had the surgery done was swollen and tender to the touch and the pain radiated down my leg to my toes. It went away after a few hours and some pain medication and muscle relaxers. ... (4 replies)
... The fact that the ESI provided some relief is good news, and with some diligence on your part, you may be able to heal that herniated disc and resolve your pain issues. ... (8 replies)
Jun 17, 2011
... for 20 minuets he examined me and said I had a herniated disc giving me sciatica keep it till it gets better. ... (6 replies)
... I had a microdiscectomy 8 days ago. I'm feeling a lot better right now. As others have noted, i was able to walk pain free right after the surgery. I don't want to get my hopes up, but right now, i've plenty to be cautiously optimistic about. ... (8 replies)
Feb 17, 2011
... I have a herniated disc with pain running down my right leg Annoying but I can get along without pain medication. Im a male age 73. The only thing is walking makes it worse. ... (3 replies)
... I was running for 1.5 miles sat down for 30 mins and after getting up proceeded outside of my college and couldn't continue walking to my car at that time I had to call 911 and an ambulance had to pick me up. ... (7 replies)
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