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... literally about to go to ER from P.T clinic. From there on it just had gotten worst, no real improvement. I went back for more P.T sessions stretching and other exercises . What Physical Therapist did notice that my hip motion was very limited and not much improved happen during all my sessions about 40 or so. ... (13 replies)
... In January of 2010, I had spinal fusion at Level L4-L5-S1. Felt a lot better afterwards but encountered problems after about 10 months. When I became more active, I began experiencing a lot of pain and swelling at the surgery site. I went back to the doctor who thought the hardware may be causing the problem. I am thin, and more likely to run into problems as a result. ... (3 replies)
... posterior spinal fusion. I am fused from my hips to above my shoulder blades. I have only 6 vertebra that are not fused. ... (15 replies)

... king was difficult. I spent most of the next week in bed except for comfort breaks. Turning over and sitting up was difficult. The physiotherapists gave me some exercises to do, mainly stretching and bridging. ... (9 replies)
... I have just been back from seeing my surgeon, he has suggested a spinal fusion at the L5-S1 level. I have had a previous Discectomy in 1999. I have tried all sorts of different medications, treatments, exercises, ect. None have worked. So now I am trying to make up my mind. So I would like to ask you all a few questions: 1. How long did it take before you could get out of... (26 replies)
... exercises i can do if i had a spinal fusion (2 replies)
... Well its now 4 months since my spinal fusion L4 L5 L5 S1 cage insertion, rods, screws, etc etc...... ... (27 replies)
... I'm facing spinal fusion surgery with pedical screws at the L4-L5 and am wondering if you can feel the metal after recovery? For example, when lying on the floor to do pelvic tilt exercises, can you feel the metal pressing on bone? I've never had surgery before and this sounds downright pre-historic! (17 replies)
... I am 5 wks post op of spinal fusion L4, L5 and S1 and bone graft. They took the graft from my right pelvis and mashed it around the fusion site and now waiting for bone to harden. I got 3 screws. I got 3 opinions before operation and decided on an ortho doc that was "talented" with his hands. ... (7 replies)
... Your information about having a MRI after fusion is not correct. You can have one but there is a possibility that the hardware will through off the clarity of the images. ... (4 replies)
... I heard about electric stimulation, massage, strengthening exercises might help with foot drop and numbness. Do you have any experiences with these modalities? ... (4 replies)
... Does your PT friend think you should be doing isolated exercises for foot drop? ... (4 replies)
... Have you been prescribed any physical therapy? I am hesitant to advise any exercises unless your doctor has had you qork with a PT and you are cleared for "duty", :) Why a second within 3 months? Did the first one fail? (1 replies)
... I recently had my second back surgery in less than 3 months of each other and now since my recovery is going well I am trying to find out what exercises I can do to help me lose weight and that will not put pressure on my back and ruin my progress. ... (1 replies)
... Hi - I'm 2 weeks post op L5, S1 fusion, and I'm literally scared to go to sleep. I'm find during the day. I feel good and I feel like I'm getting better, but sleeping creates so much pain, I get no rest, I am in insane pain all night, the incision, my legs and my hips radiating so much pain, i feel as if they are going to explode or something. I think it's the nerves... (2 replies)
... l5 fusion 11 weeks ago. During the day I'm doing really well. Starting my phased return to work and going on my exercise bike. ... (2 replies)
... I have seen five spine specialists. Doubt one more will be of anymore help. No one seems to be able to figure out where the nerve is pinching. The surgery did fix a budging and degenerative discs. I have had many MIRs both sitting and laying down as well as acupuncture, massage therapy, yoga (personal teacher who gave exercises for my condition), physical therapy, you name... (8 replies)
... Sorry about your fall, but that is probley the reason for the knee numness. I had that surgery back in 88 and have been Great until now, But we all get old. Keep a positive attitude and be careful for the next 6 months, Just that your surgeon and God that you are pain free and walking. Your friend tpwolf6 (9 replies)
... an use a treadmill unless cleared by your surgeon. Short, frequent walks are better than one long walk. You will tolerate it better and it will stretch out the spinal nerves more frequently. I cannot emphasize enough how important this is. You do not want to develop issues with scar tissue... ... (9 replies)
... the nerve symptoms have gone away . Except my rt knee is like very numb and has no feeling at this time. I have done some reading etc and from what i have read fusion surgerys need to be rehabed with streaching exercises etc. ... (9 replies)

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