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... Hi Teteri66, thanks for your reply. my 6 months post-op 4/24/18. I will ask the surgeon for an MRI with contrast to see if there are any nerve impingements. my understanding is CT-Scan and xrays don't show nerves and tissues, so the CT I got at 3 months post-op will not show any nerves issues. Is that correct? I will also ask for a EMG/NCS for nerve damage. Would... (19 replies)
... It is possible for nerve damage to occur from placement of the patient on the table. Some surgeons are more aware of this potential danger than others and really go out of their way to be sure the patient is properly padded for the position they are in. I had some femoral nerve damage in my thigh for awhile after my first lumbar surgery, which was the posterior fusion at... (19 replies)
... Hello Teteri66, thanks for checking on me. Not much to report except more electric shocks pain that last for hours. I still try to tell myself that it's healing and NOT getting worse. But of course nobody know as you said before. I took gabapentin and baclofen at bedtime to combat those shocking pain. Numbness still the same, I kept thinking if the progression of... (19 replies)

... disc space to complete the transforaminal interbody fusion. We expanded the TLIF cage to get sold purchase. ... (19 replies)
... You haven't posted in awhile. How are things going? (19 replies)
... You probably don't want to know what I really think! I think you are LUCKY you went to a surgeon that had the level of skill and experience that yours does! I think you presented quite a complex set of problems, what with short pedicles, osteoporosis, etc...many of which were not known until they got in there to operate. It seems to me you could have ended up with many more... (19 replies)
... I assume the ortho spine surgeon you consulted with remotely was looking at the actual images and not the report? I don't see that the report answers any of your questions. There is not much specific info about bone growth, but it does say " there appears to be bony focal continuity across the L4-5 disc space." I believe that indicates some growth! You'd have to look at... (19 replies)
... Hello Teteri66, thanks for your post. I have some new symptoms these 2 weeks: - super sensitive to light touch by pant or hand and caused burning pain, is this allodynia?? When I woke up from surgery, my foot was numbed and when they touched my top of my toes, they were extremely painful when touch gently. I'd had this when I woke up from surgery but it eased off after... (19 replies)
... Hello I have 2 older threads regarding conditions before my TLIF on L4-5 in early November 2017 done at UCSF. Teterri has provided invaluable advices for last 18 months before my surgery. THANK YOU Teterri! I woke up from surgery with numbness from knee down to toes on left leg. I was told I'd dura tear during the operation and surgery took 8.5 hours instead of 3 due to... (19 replies)
... Hello Teteri66, thanks for your post. I have some new symptoms this week: - super sensitive to light touch by pant or hand and caused burning pain, is this allodynia?? When I woke up from surgery, my foot was numbed and when they touched my top of my toes, they were extremely painful when touch gently. But then it eased off in a few days. - aching pain on my left... (19 replies)
... Try to do a moderate amount of some sort of exercise. It is helpful to healing in general. I don't have much pain along with the numbness. I've had varying degrees of numbness for fifteen years. I don't take any medications. Every symptom or character of pain that you describe as typical of ARC is also common with regular healing. Can't say "how common". I have had a... (19 replies)
... I am sorry that your numbness lasted so so long! Did it also include nerve pain along the numbed area? I think I can put up with numbness which I had for the first 2 months, but the random localized nerve pain is the worst pain I'd experienced. If it hit while I was walking, I will collapse and fall! I also have thigh pain 2 weeks after surgery for couple months and it has... (19 replies)
... I have numbness in both feet and have had it since around 2010...I kind of lose track! My surgeon was hoping the last surgery (Sept.22, 2017) would alleviate at least some of the numbness, but I think, if anything, it is worse. The thigh pain that developed post surgery (woke up from surgery with it) is changing and I believe, getting better...slowly. You are lucky you... (19 replies)
... Hello Teteri, Thank you for your support and encouragement! Yes I try to to take one day at a time and not to be so worry about ARC. I do my PT exercises daily and swim 1/2 times a week. Yes I asked my surgeon at my first post-op and he approves as long as my incision is sealed. So I have been swimming for about a month now. I tried not to extend my back when I came... (19 replies)
... More.... Not to discourage you further, but it took about 18 months to recover from my three level fusion! Probably from 12-18months it was just sort of subtle improvement in nerve issues...but after 18 months, I stopped paying so much attention to what was going on. You should expect to see change for the first twelve that is how long it takes for the new... (19 replies)
... Things have been a little slow on the board. 5here used to be more "regulars" who hung around. The name "Minimally invasive" surgery can be a bit misleading because people tend to get the impression that it will be lots easier than open surgery. It doesn't change too much what happens once the surgeon gets inside the body. He still has a major carpentry project facing... (19 replies)
... Thanks so much for your reply. Iím doing PT exercises at home and try to walk 20 min daily and lap swim if my pain is not horrible as I love to sit in he hot tub afterward. Iím frustrated because the first 2 months were just numbness from knee to toes but recently the spasms, pain & electric stabs were taking a toll on me. I still have thigh aching pain since a week... (19 replies)
... I share your frustrations...but in most cases spine surgeons don't consider much of anything for the first six months. Some will not order a MRI until a year has passed. I've found that with each of my four lumbar surgeries, there has been a specific turning point where I became aware that things were a little different and my energy improved. Of course it varied from... (19 replies)
... Hello teterri Thanks for your reply and support Yes my pain level has increased since surgery. The first 2 months were numbness from knee to toes but the last 3 weeks I have more electric shocks pain on the numbed area and they were painful and long If nerve is handling too much should it be lesser pain over time? That's why I am so scared of getting ARC and I was told... (19 replies)
... Sounds like things are pretty much the same as they were in the early weeks post surgery. Has the level of pain increased? I had my surgery about a month prior to yours and am still dealing with the residual my case some nerve-related issues I didn't have prior to surgery. It is very standard practice to make the patient wait at least six months before the... (19 replies)

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