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... S1. There is no acute vertebral body compression injury. ... (11 replies)
... alignment and vertebral body heights are normal. ... (5 replies)
... I'm still waiting for a call back from the neuro, but in the mean time I had the PM docs office fax me over the discogram report. The symptoms and pain I'm having sort of make sense now. Here are some of the highlights I've gleaned from the report: I highlighted a bunch of sections on the reports so I can ask the neuro about them. (42 replies)

... The other condition, stenosis, is a narrowing. It can occur in the central canal or in the openings that are a part of each vertebral segment that are used by the spinal nerves to exit the spine. ... (5 replies)
... f this. The two main areas where stenosis occurs in the spine are in the central spinal canal and in the neural foramina, which are the openings located at each vertebral level that provide the exit route for a spinal nerve to exit the spine to go out to the part of the body the nerve innervates. ... (4 replies)
... Dear Doctors, Please help me. I am 58 years old women. I recently done the MRI for back and spin. I am not able to sit, stand or lie down. There is the diagnosis. Please advise speciality of the doctor to see. How to manage with pain? How to ensure that the pain does not increase. I am 238 lbs. LUMBAR SPINE MRI 1 five non-rib bearing lumbar type vertebral bodies... (3 replies)
... Hi- sounds like my exact situation. Still working through it and on Terterii66's advice I am getting a Flexion/ Extension x-Ray this week on Thursday. She is very knowledgable and has helped me find new direction. All of my radiology reports read like some of yours and there is nothing " unremarkable " about any parts of my MRIs/ Myleogram or CT scans. Right leg pain just... (19 replies)
... curvature of the thoracic spine to the right. A vetebral body hemangioma is noted at T11. Degenerative changes are in the mid to lower thoracic spince with small vertebral body osteophytes and degenerative changes. ... (19 replies)
... ints which are creating stenosis with resulting spinal nerve compression. Stenosis is a narrowing. In this case it is in the foramen which are openings at each vertebral level where the spinal nerves exit the central canal and go out to a particular area of the body. ... (7 replies)
... mild disc space loss, small anterior vertebral endplate osteophytes, trivial diffuse buldgeing of disc annulus which slightly flattens anterior thecal sac. mild right formainal stenosis. mild right facet OA. ... (0 replies)
... Facet joints are synovial joints located at each vertebral level that allow the spine to bend and twist. They are subject to arthritic changes just as other synovial joints in the body like the knee, ankle, elbow, etc. ... (3 replies)
... S1. There are facet osteophytes throughout the lumbar spine. There are small chronic Schmorl's node endplatedeformities at multiple levels. ... (5 replies)
... Although the bone marrow signal is somewhat heterogenous, more confluent diffuse low T1 low T2 signal is noted to the L5 vertebral body and sacrum. The conus terminates at L1. ... (0 replies)
... is going on in the lumbar spine is also an indication of the beginnings of what many doctors refer to as spinal arthritis. The there is marked sclerosis at the L5 vertebral body and at the endplate at S1. ... (2 replies)
... My Cervical Xray shows Osteophytes and disk space narrowing is present in the lower cervical spine at C5 and C6, My Lumbar Xray there is marked sclerosis at the L5 vertebral body and at the endplate at S1. ... (2 replies)
Lumbar stenosis
Feb 28, 2013
... At the next level there is bilateral facet hypertrophy. The facets are synovial joints that are paired with the vertebrae and connect one vertebral level to the next. They are subject to arthritis just like other synovial joints in the body like the knees, ankles, hips, fingers, etc. ... (1 replies)
... eyond the disc space and is pushing into the thecal sac, which is the tough fibers that surround the central canal. This protrusion is also touching both of the L5 nerve roots. Both of these things can cause the type of nerve pain that radiates down the buttocks, legs and into the feet. ... (3 replies)
... S1. There is no acute vertebral body compression injury. ... (6 replies)
Mri analysis
Jun 15, 2012
... mm anterolistheses secondary to bilateral L5 pars defects. ... (2 replies)
... Neural foramen can be narrowed by disc herniations, bone spurs from the edge of the vertebral body, or spurs or osteophytes from the facet joints. ... (1 replies)

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