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I love the blow-drying tip. It really worked for my limp lashes. I'v got a couple more tips for people and I hope they really help.

1- Use an oil-free moisturizer with spf everyday after you wash. It will help to stop any over drying from cleansers. I like to moisturize my face and then apply a thin layer of oil-free foundation. It mixes with the moisturizer and blends better with your skin. You don't get any defined lines and it makes your skin look so smooth. Then if I have any acne to hide, I put a little foundation on my finger and let it dry a bit so it thickens. Then I put it on the acne and blend it in. It really helps cover it up. I always finish my face with a little powder matching my foundation and then a small bit of blush all over to add colour. It will seal your foundation and make it last longer. Use a really big brush for all over blush and then define cheekbones with an angled brush.

2- Vaseline makes an excellent makeup remover. It gets rid of those unsitely racoon eyes. Just rub on and then take off with toilet paper or a towel. It doesn't harm your eyes as long as you don't scrub them, just rub lightly.

3- To make eye shadow stand out better use a neutral eye liner pencil underneath. I like to wear pink colours on my eyes cause it really brings out the blue. So I start with a thick light pink pencil on my lids. Smooth it out with your finger. Then I use a darker pink lip liner on the outside edge to define my eye (I don't like to use black). Then rub a little of the lighter colour on your finger and rub a little to the area under your eyebrow (not too thick hear). Now you can cover the sticky liner with shadow and it will set and stay longer. The colours will also be more defined. Start with the darker shadow and cover the darker liner. Then take a medium colour and cover over the whole eye lid to blend with the darker colour. Now take a really light colour and cover the area under the eyebrows and under your bottom lashes. It will really brighten your eyes and make them "pop". I'v only used done this with light colours like pink and blue, so I don't know if it works for dark colours. But it's worth a try. Just remember less is more, so keep it light. A small angled brush works well to apply the shadow right where you want it. You always want to go light innner eye to darker outer eye.

4- I always use any masks after the shower. Because the warm water opens your pores and allows the mask to get in deeper. I also always wash my face after the shower with a mild soap because conditioner can really do an oily number to your skin. Even if your face seems clean, and gentle cleanser will get rid of any conditioner residue left on your forhead. Colder water does rinse conditioner better and decreases the amount of buildup.

These are all the tips I can think of right now. If I remember some more I'll definately add them.

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