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And the experts (book writers) don't agee either. My worry is the fine lines under my eyes. After having grotesquely oily skin my whole life, I really feel it's unfair that I have these lines at 40. (BTW, my skin is normal and clear now since I cut way back on simple carbs and started taking some supplements.)

Well, wrinkles are caused by a loss of skin elasticity and per Paula Begouin, lines are not wrinkles, but cracks caused by dryness and any moisturizer will help minimize them. That's why they all make the claims that they help minimize fine lines. Paula also claims that having oily skin doesn't prevent or reduce wrinkling. And no creams or lotions will get rid of them. She is all about the sunscreen.

I just went to LA for the weekend and my skin was so dry I had to scrub flaky skin off in the middle of the day and reapply moisturizer and makeup. The lines under my eyes doubled and a few even appeared elsewhere in my face. I got back home to humid Houston and my skin went right back to my normal amount of lines.

Anyway, I currently use Camellia oil as my main moisturizer as it's supposed to help eliminate acne marks, but have been looking into moisturizers that contain ingredients that help skin cells retain water in addition to the emollient barriers. Paula calls them NMFs, natural moisturizing factors or something and they are things that exist naturally in the skin. Hyaluronic acid is one and supposedly can plump up those lines and make them disappear. Ceramides are another. Alpha Hydroxy acids at certain strengths also. I think glycerin. [[COLOR="Red"]removed[/COLOR]] So I ordered her toner which contains these things, and as far as I can tell, is the only toner available that does. And a bunch of samples, which are cheap. Also, I found a line at Walgreen's called CereVe, which is full of these things. I'm using their cleanser and have just bought the cream. If only it contained sunscreen, I'd use it instead of the camellia oil. But I put it under my eyes and on dry spots. It's pretty good, but hasn't been the miracle I was hoping for.

Before trying vaseline, I think I'd try olive oil or other plant oil and/or glycerin. The plant oils are full of nutrients that could benefit the skin topically as well. And they mimic the natural lipids in the skin (also NMFs). Glycerin is available at any drugstore for a couple of dollars. And eat olive oil as well. And take fish oil tablets.

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