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I have a different look for you to consider, just because my daughter has the same coloring and chose the same color for her dress at Formal (college prom) recently. It's so exciting!

I love Nars Summertime Duo for those who have our fair skin tones but it also works well on all skin tones. My daughter and I are also blue-eyed blondes with fair skin like you. But you can look up these shades and see what I'm talking about and choose another brand. One side is a pale, almost cream color and the other is a soft brown. Both are cremes and go on so wonderfully. They have just a bit of shimmer to really make your eyes stand out. A truly unique color. Use the pale shade closer to your inner eye or nose and use the brown to blend from the outside of the eye inwards but use that sparingly and don't go too far inward. Use the brown in the crease of your eye but stop about 3/4 of the way towards your nose. You want the pale shade to make those blue eyes pop. The results are just stunning!

I would use a chocolate brown eyeliner on your bottom lids, either all the way across if you have wide set eyes, and only about 1/2-3/4 across if you have closer set eyes. Use the same brown pencil to line the outer edges of the top lids. Then take the pencil and make tiny dots inbetween your upper lashes to make them appear more full. Angle the upper pencil lines up just a bit at the outside edges. Use an angled brush to lightly sweep over the line and smudge it just a bit.

I would use black mascara. The reason is that this event will be at night and the lights will be lower. Then you also will have photo opportunities and you want your eyes to really stand out. Use an eyelash curler if your lashes are straight or blow dry them for an amazing "false eyelash" look. I learned the blow dry tip on this board!

If you have a clear complexion, I wouldn't use any foundation but no matter what, moisturize first and let that set completely for several minutes. But if you need to even up your skin tone, use Olay's Advanced Radiance in a jar. Go with the Classic Beige instead of Ivory so you add a bit of warmth and don't look too pale. This will provide excellent coverage but you will look like you were just born with flawless skin. For spots that need concealer, skip that and use just a few dabs of the Advanced Radiance. Dab it then let it absorb for a few minutes, then pat and blend.

Don't powder yet but take some blotting tissues in your purse since you will be dancing and may need to control some oily spots. For blush, go very pale, like Stila Pretty Pink. Since this is an all-over luminizer, you can dust your nose and temples as well. Any place where a bit of sun might have hit your face. You can follow with a brightener/highlighter on cheekbone edges or below the brows but I would go easy on it as you don't want to cast a glare for the camera. lol When your makeup is complete, take a big fluffy brush and use a loose powder like rice powder, and very lightly dust all over your face. If you use too much and your face starts looking matte, take a damp sponge and lightly dab over the powdery spots. A little powder will set the makeup, too much and you will lose the fresh dewy look.

Don't try to match your lipstick to the dress. Since the focus will be on your eyes, you want to make sure your lips aren't overly dramatic. Use some Crest Whitestrips if you need a bit of dental touchup then brush and floss really really good for the days leading up to the dance. You'll be smiling a lot, trust me! Use a washcloth and exfoliate your lips first. Take your foundation and pat into your lips and let set, then dust very lightly with powder. This will make gloss or lipstick stay on longer. If you want, use a lip plumper like ELF's now. Then choose a gloss like Cover Girl's Lumineer Smile Brightening gloss. The shades will only add a bit of color but have tones that make your teeth look whiter and have anice shine without being sticky. Dab just a tiny bit of gold in the center of your bottom lip to make it look a bit pouty.

Look your face over carefully in the mirror and make sure everything is really blended well. You can almost never over-blend. Well, maybe if you kept it up and blended everything off! lol If you see any spots that look dry, take a tiny tiny amount of moisturizer and dab it on the spot until it doesn't look flaky. Don't overdo the moisturizer because as I mentioned, you'll be dancing and producing well, fluids, on your skin. You don't want your makeup to melt off.

If you have sparse brows, fill them in just a tiny bit with a pencil that matches the color of your brows pretty closely. Use tiny feather strokes then blend. Use a tiny dab of Vaseline to keep the brows in place the whole night. Some people also use a clean brow brush and spritz it with setting spray and lightly the brush the brows into place. You want them to look natural and not "done."

What to carry in your bag. Keep it to a minimum. The eye pencil because liner can wear off quickly in situations like this. If you applied enough mascara, adding to it will only make it clump so just take a small metal lash comb for touchups and use the pencil to reapply the dots inbetween your lashes. Take the lipgloss as you'll need to reapply it at some point. Then the blotting tissues; just a few. Then add a trial size bottle of finishing spray for your hair in case some strands go wild. If you are wearing your hair down and it goes limp, you can use the spray and scrunch strands into a nice style.

Take your key, some money, and a card just in case. And your cell of course! But don't take much cash or leave your bag where someone can snatch it. You can ask your date to place your cash and card in his wallet for safety purposes.

I love helping my daughter get ready for events and she helps me with mine when she's home from college. We just love cosmetics! I actually wish I had gone into that field because I just love applying makeup on others.

I hope you really enjoy yourself and remember to just have fun and feel beautiful because you are!!!

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