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Monistat as Primer
Sep 18, 2006
... I love Monistat Chafing Relief gel as a primer! ... (10 replies)
Monistat as Primer
Sep 18, 2006
... any problems at all, so I guess I'll keep using the free sample I ordered till it's gone, than I'll decide whether or not I want to buy it and continue using it as a primer. ... (10 replies)
Monistat as Primer
Sep 18, 2006
... women are using the monistat chafing relief gel as a primer, and not the yeast infection cream. thought i should specify that. ... (10 replies)

Monistat as Primer
Sep 18, 2006
... So I researched Monistat instead since it's apparently very similar. A lot of people say it works as a primer, and than there are others who think it's "digusting" or "not good for skin." If it was designed for skin, why would it be so bad for the face? ... (10 replies)
... The bleach that they have at salons is much stronger than the bleach that is commerically available. It might be that the bleach you used just wasn't a high enough volume to strip your hair. I did this once too. Ugh. Mine turned orange and banana yellow. The best thing to do is to go to a salon and get them to fix it. You need a proper color correction. I wouldn't put... (10 replies)
... hoping for light blonde hair, and I ended up with streaky green and yellow hair instead. I thought bleach could remove any hair color, natural or not. Any ideas as to why the bleach left the remaining dye untouched? ... (10 replies)
... one uses. I use all Gain products because when the clothes are done they smell extremely fresh. I use to use cheaper brands like Sun and my clothing didn't smell as great and that is why I switched. The price difference is great but well worth it in my opinion. Taking care of your clothing will help you smell better. ... (23 replies)
... lol@chrome. It's not really about attracting girls for me (well not the way you see it, more like just smelling good just in case), it's just I hate how my clothes smell when the day progresses. Like I said earlier, I just got brut deodorant and it is the best smelling one I've tried and it is actually lasting, but doesn't help my clothes at all. I think this might have to... (23 replies)
... JP is so right about the deodorant. Mitchum is the gold standard. As for colognes, most of us are real sensitive to scents/odors. Just try some sample colognes from your local department store (maybe the Chrome). LOL Find one that you like but try not to use too much. Some people pour the stuff on and just reek! My hubby uses Axe and it drives me WILD! Even after... (23 replies)
... well I sometimes spray myself with Brut (best smelling deodorant I've ever used), and it still doesn't last all day, I find myself spraying twice a day if I'm out at school. At the end of the day, my pants and clothes still smell like they are getting old and used up lol. I just bought a Brut stick, and it actually lasts longer than the spray, and smells great! I'll check... (23 replies)
... t much of a cologne wearer until he met me, now he never leaves home without some smelly good. He loves it just as much as I do now. ... (23 replies)
... I know I have read here that some women do this with great results. I have dry skin so I think this will work for me. My question is - how do you use it? Do you rinse it off or wipe off with washcloth? Can you just leave it on as a one step cleanser/moisturizer? Thanks! Sidnee (4 replies)
... Perhaps a cosmetic plastic surgeon could correct it for you if you are very concerned over it, however, it is probably much more noticeable to you than anyone else. As for the lower lip being plumper...that is a good thing. Typically if both lips are plump and evenly matched it's a sign of pumped up lips! (1 replies)
... and scrubbed each time i was in the shower and then used the cetaphil lotion afterwards. this helped to decrease it as long as i kept it up. now that i have professional products readily available to me, i use a glycolic acid bc its highly exfoliating. ... (1 replies)
... er the pillow. I am just worried about the mess it could make. Hear it is a very good hair treatment. I definately think leaving it on all night is good for hair as well, but is it hard to get out the next morning? ... (8 replies)
... I don't use olive oil, but camellia oil as a conditioner. I use it after every shampoo, also leaving it in, except that I don't warm the oil. This has made my hair so soft and shiny. ... (8 replies)
... Occasionally I use heated olive oil on my hair as a deep conditioner. I wash my hear before going to bed and then I saturate it with warm olive oil. I then wrap my hair and leave the oil in overnight. ... (8 replies)
... thing that is great. I use Nivea creme. You can get it at any pharmacy like rite aid or cvs. Before this I had tried so many other things. This has worked great. As for face wash, I wouldn't know what to recommend. Most of the face washes I have used have made my dry skin worse. Good Luck and I hope I've helped. ... (7 replies)
... Is it bad to use vaseline (petroleum jelly) as a nighttime moisturizer? I've read that it is but don't quite understand why. My mom swears by it and I feel like it's the only think that makes my skin feel hydrated. I have been using jojoba oil but don't feel like it's moisturizing enough. My skin still feels tight & dry and has dry patches. I have used an exfoliant 1x... (7 replies)
... Olive oil is great for the hair too. In the same way, if you put it heavily in your hair and let it sit the wash it out. But also in very very small (couple drops spread on your hands) as a finishing dressing for shine and anti-frizz or before blowdrying or ironing to protect. But remember to start can always add more, but once you get too much in there with five... (17 replies)

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