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... This is going to sound too easy but i've also had my share of bad bikini waxes and i find that Talcum powder helps it heal faster, it reduces the friction when you wear any thick fabric so it causes it to heal on a calmer level and the whitness of the powder makes it look less red. (1 replies)
... I got a bikini wax that gave me what looks like first degree burns, it's really red and scabbed up. What can I do? ... (1 replies)
... I used to have a pretty bad bikini line until I started getting all my pubic hair waxed. It hurts a bit, especially the first few times, but it makes the hair grow back much slower and softer. ... (8 replies)

... I hate to talk about this online, but I am desperate for advise. I have a really bad bikini area. No only does it expand every time I shave or nair it gets even longer and every wear. ... (8 replies)
... I hate to talk about this online, but I am desperate for advise. I have a really bad bikini area. No only does it expand every time I shave or nair it gets even longer and every wear. ... (8 replies)
... I got a leg and bikini wax yesterday cause i am going to a waterpark all day tomorrow. ... (8 replies)
... on my bikini area and it worked pretty well. hated the smell though! i recently tried the sensitive formula and it worked horribly! ... (11 replies)
... no...actually it should be smooth the first time. i've gone waxing only like a week after shaving, and it was sounds like the person who was doing it did a bad job :/ (3 replies)
... I was bad and made a last minute decision to have it done and only waited 12 days between shaving and waxing....would this have been the issue? ... (3 replies)
... Stupid question, but does it hurt as bad if you get it done at a salon? ... (10 replies)
... My advice would be to go to a salon to get it done.Its a hard area to do.You cant really see properly and you might not be able to tug it the right way to get all the hairs out which will require you going over the same area again. It can be a little embarrassing to let someone else do it but it isnt that bad.I did beauty at college and the number of times people had to... (10 replies)
... its now 10pm the next day and it still hurts! Feels alot like a really really bad sunburn. Ive had my bikini line waxed before and it did not hurt this bad! ... (1 replies)
Bikini touch???
Jun 16, 2005
... I have used it! its not bad...... it doesn't get exactly to the root(the hair is still like 2mm long) but it definetly helps and no ingrowns!!!!Its also great for removing arm,belly and upper lip hair too!!!!!!!!!!!!! :bouncing: (3 replies)
... I have a little tube of cream called Cortef that I've used for eczema on my arms before. One day I experimented with it down there cuz I'd given myself a really bad shave and I was sooo bumpy and red, it looked nasty... ... (2 replies)
... It's not too bad though. I'm not sure if it's true but I read somewhere that pubic hair can grow till your mid twenties so maybe that's what it is. ... (8 replies)
Bikini area
Oct 22, 2003
... Hi I would like to know where i could purchase a little electrolysis kit, i heard that you can buy this product somewhere. Does anyone know where? Because i have tried shaving and its so bad, im getting more hair (it extends a lot), its thicker, my skin is irritated, + you have to do it at each 2 days. Waxing is better but after 1 week my skin is getting red, the hair grows... (3 replies)
Intimate Shaving
Jul 18, 2009
... Whenever i shave my bikini area, no matter how new the blade is or how often i clean it during the process, i always get really bad razor burn. I have tried using gels while shaving to stop the razor burn, but i still get it. It is very intense razor burn as well. ... (10 replies)
... Anyhow, I'm hoping for no bad reaction, only have a little redness and so far v.comfy. ... (10 replies)
... I will get the new blades and look around at bikini waxing options. I think that would be best. ... (4 replies)
... Thanks for the reply! My hair is more like fuzz - or at least used to look like fuzz. I think that ever since I have started removing it is has become more coarse in some areas. It's O.K. for the most part- of course, no woman can stand facial hair regardless of how little it is. My sideburns are the worst. My gynecologist determined it was no big deal... Thanks for... (11 replies)

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