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... Ok, so I finally tried conditioner only on my hair last night and GROSS! Made my hair feel like I had rubbed grease through it. ... (26 replies)
... conditioner only washing is best for thick, curly or wavy, coarse hair. if you have thin, fine, or straight hair it probably wont work as well. ... (26 replies)
... For what it is worth, when I picked my kids up from school I talked to two mom's that are professional hair dressers about this. They both said this was not a good idea. You can actually loose hair and cause what we call in kids cradle cap. Their suggestion was to not shampoo every day and use a mild shampoo but were adament that the conditioner only was a big NO NO:eek: (26 replies)

... I guess I try to concentrate a tad bit more on the ends, cuz that's where I have a tendency toward dryness.. But I certainly am not shy with the roots either. Conditioner does have cleansing agents in it.. I used to just think it moisturized but nothing else. Its detergents are less harsh than those in shampoo. ... (26 replies)
... That's what I also thought... but according to what I've read on the other thread titled "Conditioner Only Washing," you're supposed to wash your scalp well with the conditioner. At least that's what I got from all the responses. ... (26 replies)
... taht i have NOT used shampoo.. conditioner only.. and my hair is GREAT... No greasiness at ALLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... (26 replies)
... You should do a google search. So many people have had success with conditioner only washing. The key is to use a non silcone conditioner. If you need to know some drugstore recs..let me know. And you have to scrub scrub scrub hard. ... (13 replies)
... If that's the case, yes, I started last February using conditioner only on a daily basis but only washing my hair with shampoo once or twice a week. It hasn't mattered what brand I used, but I prefer a humectant that is for dry and damaged hair. ... (13 replies)
... r a couple days but oily hair stinks after one day! I just try and concentrate my shampooing to my roots and this works best for me...finally got a good quality conditioner from a beauty supply house and don't have the dry ends like I was having from using Pantene. ... (26 replies)
... tried the no conditioner thing because my hair was oily at the roots, dry at the ends, flat, limp, lifeless, yes somehow had frizzies. ... (26 replies)
... There are mild shampoos out there that won't damage hair nearly as much as some. People make a big deal about the chemicals, it's not like anyone ever died or lost all their hair from washing it with shampoo... seriously. But anyway, baking soda is even worse for hair than any shampoo. A lot of "experts" recommend that you DO NOT use baking soda in your hair. It just dries... (26 replies)
... How does conditioning only cause hair loss? ... (26 replies)
... Has anyone looked into ''no shampoo"? It's where you don't use any traditional shampoo or conditioner, but you wash with things like apple cider vinegar and baking soda, there are tons of other things you can do if you are looking to stop using shampoos because they are ''too harsh''. just do a search on the web and i'm sure you can find more info. try "no pooing". I myself... (26 replies)
... Okay, I washed with conditioner this morning, rinsed really well and styled it as usual and it came out great, very soft, and not greasy. My question is what kind of conditioner do i use? ... (26 replies)
... it would make my hair gross but it's a lot healthier now! I also put in Garnier Sleek N Shine serum in it after I wash along with some Biosilk sometimes and deep conditioner and that makes it even silkier. I bought a thing of pure shea butter at the health food store today and want to try it on my hair tonight. ... (26 replies)
... r or make it really heavy. Im going to definately try this, it sounds like it will be a heck of a lot more healthier for my hair, especially since its long and I only wash it every couple of days anyways. Plus its winter and Im sure this will help with the ever annoying static! ... (26 replies)
... I guess you'd probably have to wash mainly your scalp with conditioner instead of just the ends, since you'd probably want to wash away the oils from your scalp. ... (26 replies)
... Do you condition your whole head or only the ends of your hair? ... (26 replies)
... I couldn't do it. I have long hair that is only washed every 4 days--reason being it doesn't look bad and I don't like to strip the color I love and pay a fortune for. By the 4th day it needs a good cleansing. I've found my scalp gets used to being washed too much and produces more oil to compensate, thereby actually needing to be washed that often. (13 replies)
... So why use a conditioner without it? ... (13 replies)

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