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... I just have to say that, yes, a hairdresser goes to school, but so did my doctor. ... (81 replies)
... I personally didnt say i didnt tip, i tip the groceries guys as well. ... (81 replies)
... I think Pizza Hut is sorta the same. It' s been along time like 10 years since I have been inside a Pizza Hut. The last time I went to one I think the only things the waitress had to do were bring our pizza out and clean up after we left. Am I correct or did you guys do more. I hope you got an hour lunch and 2 half an hour breaks. A couple of casino I worked at we got a... (81 replies)

... The main question of this topic was how much do people tip a hairdresser. ... (81 replies)
... i just want you to relize im not changing how i tip. they are still getting the same amount. ... (81 replies)
... of your total sales, REGARDLESS of how much tips you made. ... (81 replies)
... NO WAY was I going to eat anything after how she ordered....I asked her if she had any idea how much spit she'd eaten in drive thru's? ... (81 replies)
... of your total sales, REGARDLESS of how much tips you made. ... (81 replies)
... of our sales as tips. So at the end of the night when we clock out there is a screen on the time clock that you have to punch y our ID number and how much y ou made that night. ... (81 replies)
... OKay, everytime I ask my friends the question of how much I should tip my hairdresser, they give me an outrageous amount because most of them use their friends as their hairdressers. ... (81 replies)
... Now, I'm a dog groomer, and sometimes people tip us. We don't expect it, but it is nice. ... (81 replies)
... I tip 20 percent of the bill, at the nail salon, hair salon, or a restaurant. If the service was legitimately horrible, and I'm not happy, then I give less. ... (81 replies)
... THANK YOU! i so agree. people who are saying they need to get these super tips for their service....its your JOB thast what you are supposed to do. if you get a tip out of it then great. but you are supposed to be polite you are supposed to give good service it is your JOB to do that! ... (81 replies)
... They struggle as much as anyone else. Hairdressers are not the only ones going thru this. ... (9 replies)
... hr or something. Well there are plenty jobs out there that pay this much where you don't live on tips. ... (81 replies)
... oyers to pay us a higher wage. It's what the goverment will allow.. I know not one server who makes more than another. And the fact of the matter is also, if you tip better, don't you think you will get just THAT much better service the next time you go to that place? ... (81 replies)
... Agree completely! (81 replies)
... do you know how much she pays out for the chair... the least i have heard of a week is 100 dollars..the average i hear is about 300 bucks a week. ... (9 replies)
... i am a hair stylist and i think there are some people out there that really respect what we do..and others that think what hairdressers do is easy and not worth much at all. ... (81 replies)
... hat I keep hearing you guys say is that if the service was crappy you give less of a tip. I'm sorry, but if the service is crappy I don't think you should give a tip and if the service is always crappy then maybe the server shouldn't even be working there or the business should close! ... (81 replies)

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