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This may play a role- does he abuse other substances such as drugs or alcohol? Or does he have an extensive drug history?

If not, he could possibly have a personality disorder on top of bipolar disorder. Putting you on a pedestal & being afraid to lose you and then turning around a week later to devalue and break up with you, plus the extreme jealousy sounds similar to borderline personality disorder. You may want to check it out, its in the DSM and there are a lot of resources on the web.

Have you begun to lost friends due to his jealousy? I would think so- my male friends call me hon, sweetie and baby all the time and if my boyfriend took to beating them up, I'd be out of friends fast. I just hope that he doesnt ever get so angry and jealous at you that he turns physical on you. Keep your own safety first!!

Best of luck,
He may have bipolar and also have some tendencies of borderline personality disorder. What alarmed me especially was that he put some guy in the hospital over calling you (was it 'baby')? What would frightened me was if he became delusional and in the future believe you somehow invited men to flirt that he could get violent with you....

[CENTER][I][B][COLOR=Red]I suggest that you make it a condition of your relationship that he comply with medication and maybe go to couple's counseling with you regarding his extreme jealousy and other behavior.
Now keep in mind the following:
1. "I" am bipolar
2. I get extremely and unnessarily jealous in romantic relationships
Despite being bipolar and also a jealous person, I in no way condone his behavior. Once a person steps over the line and becomes violent with someone else over what I've heard termed delusional jealousy than this person is NOT safe to be around and needs IMMEDIATE help.
Jovial206, sorry for the misunderstanding. I'm not sure jealousy has as much to do with bipolar as it has to do with a personality disorder (such as Dependent Personality Disorder or Borderline Personality Disorder). My ex was (obviously) extremely jealous, but a good friend of mine who is also Bipolar I is probably the least-jealous person I know. Nothing seems to faze him. Jealousy doesn't really seem to have a strong correlation with Bipolar Disorder. However, if a bipolar person did act excessively jealous, it would most likely be during the depressive phase, since that is when they tend to be the most insecure about themselves. And insecurity often goes hand-in-hand with jealousy.

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