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IT seems like bipolar disorder is just thrown out there at anyone who has moodswings, and my entire life people have said it to me.

I"m really thinking about everything, and I'm realizing that my moodswings are out of control. I've always had a lot of energy (running/skipping/jumping around the house, shaking my leg while sitting), I talk constantly about anything and everything, and I've always been an extremely fast talker. Then literally, the smallest thing can set me off and I'm just such an angry person. I hate everything and everyone in my way, I want everyone to suffer.. I mean I get mad over the dumbest things, like turning a TV show while I'm watching it.. I will yell and scream and then 5 minutes later I'll be back to being hyper and talkative like nothing ever happened.

I just don't understand any of it, what's wrong.. or if there even IS anything wrong. I'm never depressed to the point of suicide, it's more just anger and jealousy and rage out of nowhere.

Does this sound normal? If I were to see someone, who do I see? Family doctor? Psychiatrist? Where do I even go..

I also deal with daily headaches, and I get migraines maybe once a week or every two weeks. And they in themselves just make me angry, it's just like everyday at some point I want everyone to leave me alone until my headache is gone, and I'm not even sure why I get them. Sometimes they're not bad at all, just annoying?

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