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... When I was on abilify my heart raced a lot and i literally had to pace the floor. I was quickly taken off. When I was on celexa, i was completely euphoric which turned to mania. ... (11 replies)
... Hi. I take abilify also but currently only 2mg aday.I was wondering how the med is at higher dosages like your taking. ... (11 replies)
... Apparently, I'm bipolar. I think someone forgot to get me my platinum membership card... I've been on Abilify and Celexa for quite some time, but now having a hypo mania phase, today my pdoc has added Topimax to the mix (low dose to start, filtrating up to 100mg is the goal) and I'm wondering if anyone has any experience or advice with this particular combination? In the... (11 replies)

... What was your highest dose? I'm at 100mg so far. Something needs to change in my meds - I haven't slept more than 3 hours in 42 days now, manic as hell, hanging on by a thread. Feeling very detached and alone right now. I see my doc tomorrow - something has to change... I haven't had any memory lapses or "stupid" moments, and I have dropped some more weight (slowly, which is... (11 replies)
... As far as I know, lithium is still considered the "gold standard" of mood stabilizers. I recently had to get off of it after decades of use due to kidney problems. I really wish I could still take it (it only causes kidney trouble in a pretty small percentage of long-term users). It can be quite difficult, even miserable, to get used to lithium at first, big side-effects for a... (11 replies)
... Haven't ever tried lithium - I've heard so many awful side effects for it... Is it worth it? I guess I should ask about it. I'm still not sleeping, same problems... (11 replies)
... Thanks for the response again - very helpful! I haven't tried lithium, but I go to my pdoc Wednesday and aim to ask about it. Still haven't slept much (day 39 - ugh!) and I found out my somewhat distant cousin just got out of the hospital for lack of sleep, who is also BP. I'm a bit scared right now honestly. But your support helps, thanks! (11 replies)
... Hi again! I think the best so-called average length of time for a bipolar episode is three months. But, if you're not getting much sleep, and it sounds like you get very little sleep (ouch) that can keep the episode going, make it worse, and make it harder to get back to normal. Lack of sleep can turn into a real crisis. I used to take a lot of hypnotic/bedtime benzos when I... (11 replies)
... Thanks for the input, TinoRock, appreciated! I haven't had any memory issues - sounds frightful, no wonder you had bad luck. I guess I'm one of those 33% as I am losing some weight, but the sleep is still elusive. I'm beginning to think this is my new normal. Do you or does anyone know how log "typical" hypo mania or manic episodes last? I'm going on over a month now... I... (11 replies)
... Hi. Personally, I had bad luck with Topomax, and never got to a very high dose. It caused scary (although short) memory gaps. I remember being at a convenience store, deciding what to buy, and the next thing I knew, I was getting change back for something I didn't remember selecting. Short, bizarre, gaps that made me afraid to take it while driving, for sure. Many told me... (11 replies)
... Still not sleeping and it's making me really unfocused. I can see that I've had quite a number of views, anyone have any advice having used Topimax? I have managed to lose 5 pounds because my appetite is under control. But my racing thoughts, impulse control and hypo mania are still issues. Thanks for reading - hopefully you can give me some insight through your experience as... (11 replies)
... It's definitely worth talking to your doctor about. I started at 5 mg and worked up to 15 mg. I started getting relief from the depressive symptoms at 10mg. But everyone is different. (But you know that :) Currently, I'm having hypo-mania issues - that's why he added the Topimax. I'm on day 25 of little to no sleep (but not depressed!) and showing some other classic signs. ... (11 replies)
Bipolar meds
Mar 11, 2010
... I am on abilify, celexa, and lamictal for bipolar disorder. I was wondering if anyone's had experience with these three and anything you can tell me about them as a combo (0 replies)
... I have been on all the so called antidepressing drugs, Please get a second opinion. Celexa is the same as Paxil inRx ville, Abilify will attack your stomach on way to the liver. All these drugs are deppression type drugs, that makes me even wonder if you have bi polar. ... (1 replies)
... i was on paxil but the weight starting packing on so my pdoc switched me to celexa... does abilify make you gain weight too? ... (1 replies)
... a good idea to go off and on meds, this could make you a rollercoater. They also take time to work. Lamictal made me too calm, my doc stopped that then put me on celexa and abilify . Abilify woke me up with the celexa I was alive again! ... (4 replies)
... Hi banana. I just got out of a week stay in a hospital too. I have heard of topamax being used as a mood stabilizer, so that is true. I have never been on it before. I have been on seroquel for a while though. Now I am on abilify, lamictal, lithium, and klonopin. Are you feeling any better since you have been out of the hospital? At first when I got out I had a lot of anxiety.... (13 replies)
... Hi, Tony....sorry I have been away for a while and didn't realize that the rash was still causing you a problem. Perhaps you can take an oatmeal bath....Aveeno makes a good one and that will be soothing. Also....did your doctor say that it might be okay to take some benadryl which will help with some of the discomfort??? I hope that you are feeling better soon. Hi... (15 replies)
Newbie(very long)
Jul 24, 2007
... mania because I actually want to sleep. I'm tired and when I've been manic in the past, I've been too busy to sleep and I never felt tired. My pdoc reduced my Celexa dosage and has me taking it all in the morning thinking that may of kept me awake. Nothing different. Do you think I need to go to a sleep specialist? ... (6 replies)
Abilify or geodon
Mar 29, 2007
... HI~ I agree, I think the medicine depends on a lot of different things on whether or not it will work for you. My husband is BD 1, and is on Abilify. At first, it seemed like it helped a LOT, not they have upped his dosage and I am not sure it is helping at all!! He has been on soooo many though, Lithium, Seroquel, Depakote, Celexa, etc. Lithium helped him the best, but... (8 replies)

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