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... I have recently been diagnosed with Bipolar type 1 in the month of march. I am 21 and recently had my first Manic episode before being diagnosed with Bipolar type 1 . ... (0 replies)
... Wow was aware of some of these side effects, I have the hand tremors, but it's not that bad, just at times when holding a book or my Bible. Weight gain, yes, and sleep disturbance, I don't know what it is to get a full nights sleep, off and on all night for years. I also have developed an under actice Thyroid function, because of the Lithium, and I take kidney pain,... (77 replies)
... Lithium is thought of as being "one of those meds" that people are afraid to take because they mistakingly believe it is stronger than any other mood stabilizer available on the market when this isn't the case. Some also refuse to take it because of side effects which include weight gain, diarrhea, extreme thirst, toxicity (rare), abdominal pain, hypotension, alopecia,... (77 replies)

... What you're describing is a side effect of the meds you were given. That still doesn't constitute SH that occurs instantly due to BP. Having said that, I congratulate you for reducing your cutting. Good for you! :) I've found that Clonazepam is helping to reduce my SH behaviors due to its' calming effects. It's also helping to decrease the intensity of my PTSD... (223 replies)
... hi dreams, i suppose i had been having sh in different forms over the years, anorexia, shredding scalp and self medicating with alcohol. the cutting though was triggered by extreme agitation caused by effexor xl and lexapro which were added to boost lithium and zyprexa at the time. also burning though have stopped that. that was last june or july having been clear of... (223 replies)
Bipolar and scared
Nov 23, 2008
... Dear Katlin, Thank you for the input. I didn't keep in mind the possibility of anorexia. What I meant is that compared to dealing with paranoia, existential fears, impulses to harm etc. eating regularly and taking meds isn't hard. Falling asleep isn't too easy, but going to bed at a semi-regular schedule is easier. I didn't mean at all to write off the difficulties... (7 replies)
... Could my "symptoms of bipolar disorder" just be a late occurance of PTSD? ... (2 replies)
... Hey, Llama, You're having a really rough time, I am so sorry. When did this start? Can you call your psych's service and talk to someone tonight? Or get some prn meds to give you back your control? It is indeed infuriating and frustrating how bp (along with anorexia, DID, you-name it-they can get it-and-love-to-announce-t) have become designer diseases, with people... (12 replies)
... Now with the knowledge that I could feel HIGH as well as LOW my diagnosis was changed to Bipolar 2 at the age of 27 by my psychiatrist. ... (3 replies)
... I also developed anorexia when very young, the BP, and a couple of other disorders. ... (2 replies)
... I'm 18 years old in first year in university away from home. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder a year ago. I have also struggled with anorexia for several years. I am struggling living in residence and with maintaining friendships as I have had a few episodes where I have been in taken to the hospital. ... (2 replies)
... Hello. Yes, acceptance is a really tough one. I find I go in and out of it; it is a process, I think, and so much of me wants to be in denial. I want NOT to have agoraphophobia, bipolar, anxiety conditions, anorexia. I fight like crazy not to have them. Surprise, it does no good. But it is sort of a shock and a great sadness to accept that we have chronic... (4 replies)
... Keep us posted as to how your evaluation goes. You symptoms just sound a lot like bipolar to me. ... (6 replies)
... addictions. I've been battling depression, anxiety, addiction and anorexia my whole life. At times I've felt quite hopeless, other times I feel like I'm at the doorstep of a whole new happy life for myself. ... (11 replies)
... Hello Picali! Thank you so very much for your words of wisdom. I do attempt to go for a walk each morning to get some fresh air and sunlight, used to take yoga...I always eat EXTREMELY healthfully (I have to beware of falling back into anorexia though)...the last time I found myself in a manic state I raced around the house searching for paints and went nuts for about an... (20 replies)
... I have schizoaffective disorder and am in recovery from anorexia/bulimia. (15 replies)
... Hi guys thank you all for your replies. At least I know I'm not alone. Fallen Angel, no I never did tell my pdoc about it. I guess just because I didn't think it was significant. And I figure, besides I'm still eating dinner so I'm slightly normal. Coffee girl - I guess it never goes away, does it? I was anorexic when I was 15 and still am counting calories. I could write... (15 replies)
... Are they really related?? My 6y son is bipolar. But he's not the one I worry about. My 10y daughter has anxiety/depression and refuses to eat about 30% of the time. At 10yo----she shouldn't be doing this!!! My sister had anorexia when in late high school/college. This was back in the early 70's and they didn't know much about it. So---do you think that my sisters ED... (15 replies)
... I have a love hate relationship with food especially depending on my moods. if I am manic I tend not to eat at all or barely and if I am depressed well either i don't eat at all or I eat way too much. In high school I lost like 110 pounds in less then six months and struggled with anorexia/bulimia for a long time. I think if I thought about it more then what I do I would back... (15 replies)
... years, can't remember how long anymore, but about that time frame, for me to get dx'd with Bipolar Disorder. ... (1 replies)

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