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... st time on a bipolar board discussion. ... (0 replies)
... I understand not wanting to take calls etc. When I'm not in a good mood the phone conversation is going to be awkward and I just may end up getting into an argument or hurting the feelings of the person on the other end of the line. Rather than do that I just choose to avoid people until I'm feeling better. ... (3 replies)
... I initially thought it was possible I was Bipolar but dismissed it and as I was not diagnosed never thought of it again. ... (3 replies)

... Seaturtle, you're right about the argument about people no longer suffering. Why should my friend have had to suffer in the first place for as long as she did? ... (10 replies)
... I am sorry for your losses and the grief you are in. Some like to ay that at least people's suffering has been relieved, but I find that a weak argument at best. ... (10 replies)
... Dave : Someone once said...(and not a pdoc).."what comes first the A.D.D. or the Bipolar." Or ...does one cause the other ? Perhaps they have the same symptoms. But it comes down to trying to stay "Calm".... My father was BP,however when he had his stable times;he taught me the concepts of "Calmness" : He always said "Seek a calm inner responce to the circumstances of... (30 replies)
... I have said things as well but it's usually when I'm in a heated argument with that specific person... I'm the other way around I get paranoid if I feel people don't like me so I usually keep my mouth shut unless I'm provoked. ... (8 replies)
... When you get a phone call, your life COULD continue, as though you had a little bump in the road....the argument is over, done, as if it didn't happen. ... (12 replies)
... of the time we have a great time and our bonded beyond words. It's just those rare moments when an argument starts. I read in a bipolar book last night that a bipolars ability to handle arguments is not that great. That helped me tremendously. ... (12 replies)
... Todd... Who left you after an argument? Who did you see arguing, and then someone close to you left? Are your parents by any chance divorced? If so, do you in any way think that they were arguing about you, and you caused them to split up? I'll be interested to hear your answers. (12 replies)
... Todd, what you described sounds so much the way my husband was. He would over react to any kind of disagreement as if it were the end of the world. He would sink into deep depression if we had a simple argument. He would go off thinking everything was over and I would be dumbfounded not knowing what I had said. He would often say I am losing my wife after a little... (12 replies)
... I was diagnosed mild bipolar about a year ago and have been on medication for this with great results! I am struggling with one thing though and wanted your input. ... (12 replies)
... Well Linda, they gotta know me before they judge me. I ain't medicated yet, but i know I've got to build a strong enough argument to take this to the finish............. What if I lose? ... (23 replies)
... Emerald - Oddly enough his ADHD is the bothersome thing, but once more, dealing with someone Bipolar is something completely different, I mean I have a whole new found respect for my ex husband and want to tell him how sorry I am for thinking he was a jerk the way he treated me, I mean it isn't easy 95% of the time and I HAVE Bipolar, even though no two Bipolar's are alike as... (110 replies)
... Tsohl ~ We responded by email figuring a phone call would only lead to more misinterpretation and argument. Hubby & I feel we did a great job...would like to hear your thoughts. Mom and Dad, Dear Kait ~ Dad & I decided to respond to you via email since words can be misinterpreted and arguments ensue which none of us want to happen. Dad doesn't type very well but is... (685 replies)
... Yes, Ts he does do everything the hard way...thats him. but the worst part is that we tell him otherwise and he just does it his way. so, we are at the point where we just stand back and watch. he hasnt been feeling well so hes just laying around the past few days..its better cause i know hes not out there being tempted. tomorrow and saturday he works. school is done,... (685 replies)
... en alone. She asked if she could take a walk for a while....I gave her the okay. She came back 10 or 15 minutes later. Then we went off to therapy and had our argument and shortly after she came home she was on the phone for an hour with a girl from her old school who had moved out of state catching up. ... (685 replies)
... D She went on to tell me that the name of the med is Zyprexa. She sounded concerned and said that she didn't know if she could deal with both Bipolar and Schizophrenia. ... (685 replies)
... Hi angelwitch, The mystery of your OH's quizzical behaviour will continue to unravel in front of you both for a good while - the formation of the understanding of the illness for you both. It isn't that your OH has turned into a person you don't know. Rather he is the same person underneath, hidden by the BP illness. BUT, you must try to remember that just as you have... (55 replies)
... Hi Nutshellnutter, thank you for your comments. It all begins to make sense now, there have been many occasions whereby I have made what I think is an innocent, non-accusing remark or question, and he has gone into a rage. This has then caused an argument. This is particularly so when it involves money. He sees criticism in every word. If anything has happened to me or... (55 replies)

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