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... they are on meds..seems as if im alone in this altho i must admit that my ex husband is the only one who is with me on this.. ... (1 replies)
... I'm completely alone; no parents, so siblings, no extended family & no friends. I was diagnosed when I was 25 with bipolar II, depression & anxiety disorder, put on medication & been coping since. Not seen a psychiatrist since, nor counselling, nor support groups. Basically isolated. Was married 11yrs, my ex husband said "bipolar" people is just an excuse for naturally being... (11 replies)
... Hi, I'm sorry I don't have experience with alcoholism, I'm actually allergic to alcohol and can't drink. But I wanted to say Congratulations on your 3.5 years sober, that is so incredibly awesome. You should be so proud of yourself. I'm sure you've worked incredibly hard and you deserve tons of credit. Keep up the good work. If you need to talk/vent I'm around. Kat ... (4 replies)

... etc. I understand her past, and I feel like I'm paying for what her ex did to her in a way... ... (1 replies)
... I tried for many years to be strong enough for both my ex husband and me. All that "in sickness and in health" stuff I vowed to, ya know. I never thought I would be the one to give up. ... (36 replies)
... In some cases, I'm glad my parents weren't alive to know about my bipolar diagnosis. ... (58 replies)
... I have bipolar and it is a pain but there are good times and we do get though it. I am on Lithium and atm an antidepressant to boot! ... (44 replies)
... Everytime I used to get in a bad or agitated mood, my husband would tell my I was going "BiPolar" again. ... (44 replies)
... thats good that the ceremony went well! thats alot going on all at once, but at least its over now right? im sorry to hear about your brother thats so sad. i bet when you got your presents it made you feel a little better. (223 replies)
... yes family came as did ex husband. v, stressed out, had bit of melt down last night, could not stop sobbing. ... (223 replies)
... well i was planning on having my tdoc talk to her but i dk if they can do that without paying for it. i wonder if i can bring her in the room with me and see if she can talk to them. i cant really talk to my parents about it because she told me not to tell them, but its somthing serious you know? your gonna have these disorders for the rest of your life and she might as... (223 replies)
... so hopefully things can only get better from here. hope to avoid ex husband tonight so fingers crossed. ... (223 replies)
... wow id be anxious if i were you, thats alot going on all at once. plus since the pdocs away you really dont have anyone to talk to besides us and you know that were all here for you! lol im doing well thanks, today is a good day i feel really happy and i want to get up and do somthing but theres absolutely nothing to do lol (223 replies)
... court, thanks, am better in that less crazy now!! still a bit hyper at night but tired at the same time (does that make sense?) i burned too stopped that as soon as i came off the effexor. i hope i didn't put you off. most people find the right meds fairly quickly, it is just that i am very med resistant and even when i find ones that work, they seem to only work for a... (223 replies)
... along with a lot of vicodine. I have a back injury and some nerve damage. The lyrica seems to make me dream a lot I woke up found my self dreaming of my abusive ex husband and I was dead asleep dreaming I was biting his cheak and my son was sleeping with me I caught myself about to bit his cheak that was kind of scarry. ... (31 replies)
... Hi everyone, I am a 28 y/o mother of a beautiful baby girl! I have a wonderful finace' who has been with me through thick and thin! I already have one divorce under my belt, but that was just attributed to me being me. I have a lot of trouble holding a job and holding on to friends. Ever since I can remeber I have had horrible manic episodes, but once again was just... (2 replies)
... To catch u up, john told me thanks but no thanks on the offer of vegas, so for some reason and I do not know what it is, he is staying up here. I really wonder why he told me no, I mean as much as he talks about going back and all......I GAVE him the chance to. Humm, not a clue. anyhow, saw my psych doc yesterday. we had a nice talk, but he said something to me that I never... (110 replies)
... Another book I would recommend is "Understanding Your Bipolar Child" by Gregory Lombardo. ... (24 replies)
... tand why. No one listened, no one understood, no one knew. Wrong diagnosis, after wrong diagnosis one day I was lucky enough to end up with a therapist that was bipolar himself, this was 2005 and my son was just turning 17. A day after meeting this therapist, my son tried to commit suicide and I Baker Acted him once again. ... (24 replies)
... Dee - It is one struggle after another, as it seems to me. I also believe in karma, fate and destiny. I can only hope that through out my actions with my 2 girls that I have actually done something so selfless to repay for all the self fish things I have done in the past, let alone the fact that I never even thought that until this very second. I mean honestly here, I love... (110 replies)

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