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... ago I had a child and I was just about to get married. Soon before my wedding I had a nervous breakdown and landed myself in the hospital. That was when I got my bipolar diagnosis. ... (0 replies)
... Not sure how many people deal with this issue but, I seem to have a crazy sex drive. Im not sure how this affects my husband. I can go a week and half without sex and sometimes be so irritable that I dont want to be touched. Then, out of no where, I will want to have sex two days in a row. Some background; I am 31 and take wellbutrin in the AM, and Lamictal and Gabapentin... (12 replies)
... i have had mental health issues for 20 years now always diagnosed with depression treated over the years with various medications but lithium and effexor xl kept me most stable throughout the years i have all the psymptoms of bipolar except euphoria everything else fits the low moods mood swings highs spending sprees promiscuous behaviour suicidal thoughts i was readmitted... (5 replies)

... Hi, I know there's probably loads of these threads already but I just want some advice. I'm waiting for an appointment with a psychiatrist due to the severe depression and anxiety I'm experiencing at the minute. I've had this depression before a few years ago, but have relapsed with no "obvious cause". In between these attacks, I lead a normal life, feeling stable. However,... (9 replies)
... Oh, yeah....I know that Mom was dying of cancer, I sounded so authoritative, that people thought I was the Doctor...I didn't tell them different. I, yes, but only with people I knew, thankfully.....not good. are you doing with the moths now? If you don't spend your days and nights thinking of ways to... (25 replies)
... This made me laugh. Describes me to a "T" although being the smartest isn't necessarily a good feeling - instead, I'm irritated that everyone else is such a moron and can't see that I am right. In my last episode, I was teaching my Bible study group the "right" way to pray and telling the principal how to run the high school. It's embarassing once I've come back down. ... (25 replies)
... I am becoming increasingly offended by numerous references to people with BP being manipulative, selfish, etc etc. There seem to have been an awful lot of posts on this site recently of this nature. Bi-Polar is a difficult illness to deal with. Yes, it causes changes in behaviour when a person is experiencing an episode, but the thing that categorises BP is that people... (21 replies)
Bipolar nightmare
Jul 30, 2006
... We share the same symptoms, unfortunately. While it's fun as it's happening, the consequences of spending and being promiscuous can be big. ... (7 replies)
Bipolar nightmare
Jul 30, 2006
... Just wanted to vent my anger an rage about bipolar. I am suffering from this disorder and it seems like there is no solution. I hate that I have to take so much medication. One main reason is I think I still feel terrible. No matter what I do I still have this terrible feeling. My symptoms are the following, Spending on credit cards on nice things like designer shoes,... (7 replies)
... t know what I am looking for. Answers I guess. I was engaged to a guy that has bipolar II disorder and it was absolutely the most devastating thing I have ever gone through in my entire life. ... (21 replies)
... If your friend's husband really was heterosexual but his meds were making him promiscuous/adulterous, then he'd probably be having affairs with other women. Meds can be very powerful, but I highly doubt that they can coerce someone to blur their sexual preferences over a period of years. It sounds like this man is in denial that he has deep homosexual tendencies, and he is... (5 replies)
Is this Bipolar?
Jan 16, 2005
... Hello, I'm having a terrible time with my husband. We've only been married for a few months and things are getting really bad. I knew he was troubled before I married him but I ignored the big red flag that was waving at me. He won't go to a doctor so I can't get him diagnosed but from all the reading I've done it seems he is exhibiting signs of bipolar. He goes from real... (12 replies)
... we're talking about getting some couples counseling to figure out how to cope with the stress my bipolar puts on our lives, and I'm going to look for a woman that I can also see on my own if needed. ... (12 replies)
... t know why since I trust them both. What I'm thinking about doing is raising the subject with my tdoc indirectly by asking some general questions about mania and promiscuous behavior. From there, I will discuss some of my experiences and ask about coping mechanisms that I can use when manic. ... (12 replies)
Not a good day.
Mar 11, 2009
... she is just a therapist, not a psychiatrist. On my first visit she had alluded to the idea of me being bipolar but I didn't really think much of it because it was the first visit and i wasn't interested in medications. ... (13 replies)
... Over a year ago I was diagnosed with Bipolar and ADD. My Dr. put me on Lamictal and Adderal XR. I took the Lamictal for about 2 months and I guess it did okay. ... (9 replies)
Aug 21, 2007
... I haven't posted in a while so I don't know if anyone remembers me or not and for those of you who don't i am a 22 year old female dxd bipolar 1 for 8 years well anyways I am really not sure what i am experiencing see i have most of the mania symptoms seeing as I ve only slept about 3 hours in 4 days my thoughts are racing so fast that i can't keep up with them also being... (0 replies)
... I am very new to my diagnosis, my treatment, and even knowing what my diagnosis is, so I have a few simple questions that I hope will hold me over until my next psych appointment in a month. I had my first psychological appointment a few days ago and my first psychiatric appointment yesterday. I was referred to the psychiatrist by the psychologist because of my family... (4 replies)
... and we discussed the symptoms I've been having throughout the month of July as well as some confusion I've had regarding my diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder bipolar type. ... (2 replies)
Dangerous nurse?
Sep 14, 2006
... My 21 year old stepdaughter is Bipolar I and has never taken medication for it. She denies having any problems. ... (2 replies)

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