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... Another book I would recommend is "Understanding Your Bipolar Child" by Gregory Lombardo. ... (24 replies)
... This book will shed so much light on how to detect if your child is bipolar or ADHD, additionally it explains how devastating it can be for a bipolar child to be given drugs meant for ADHD children and how these can actually make the illness worse. It also teaches you how to select the proper doctor. ... (24 replies)
... As I read these threads I am more convinced the "suspicion of bipolar" diagnosis that my 16 year olds doctor gave her is more accurate. She was previously (for over 10 years) been diagnosed with ADHD, ODD and depression. I have been medicating her and taking her to therapy for years. Still her symptoms continue and her behaviors have grown worse and more risky over the... (24 replies)

... Goody: One important part of the process was meeting my son half way. Meaning I made sure I ALWAYS listened to him, whether I agreed or not. I had few rules that were important to me (as I explained in the previous posting) and I made sure he was 100% clear on what those important rules were. The first thing I did is never, ever let him control my emotions (as you... (24 replies)
... Another one that I recall vividly was early mornings. Waking up early is a major problem for bipolar people. ... (24 replies)
... tand why. No one listened, no one understood, no one knew. Wrong diagnosis, after wrong diagnosis one day I was lucky enough to end up with a therapist that was bipolar himself, this was 2005 and my son was just turning 17. A day after meeting this therapist, my son tried to commit suicide and I Baker Acted him once again. ... (24 replies)
Bipolar Disorder?
May 18, 2015
... Hello I am new to this site. I am a teenager who has been diagnosed with depression and am being medicated for that with fluoxetine, as well as body dysmorphic disorder/OCD. But I also have strange periods of highs where I am the most outgoing talkative person anyone has known. I become extremely self confident during these times and do things I normally wouldn't do in my... (2 replies)
... I haven't posted in a long time. I had been doing well, managing life somehow. But now I think I lost my mind. I don't know who to talk to. I am Bipolar, but I have always been able to manage my moods until lately. I take Prozac, because either way other meds didn't help. My husband is on his third deployment, and I feel left behind. I feel so alone. I know better, I... (4 replies)
Bipolar and Acne
Oct 7, 2011
... Thank you for replying. I did Accutane as a teenager too, but I don't think it would be good to do again because now I know the risk involved. ... (3 replies)
... ago I had a child and I was just about to get married. Soon before my wedding I had a nervous breakdown and landed myself in the hospital. That was when I got my bipolar diagnosis. ... (0 replies)
... Hi everybody - I am a bipolar II who had my first (and only so far) psychotic break a few months back after taking (I'm not kidding) some cough syrup and having a toke of pot. Sent me into a 4 day break from reality. I was having both auditory and visual hallucinations (mostly everything looked and sounded very "weird" - like it did back when I did acid as a teenager -... (8 replies)
... that says it all. i look in the mirror and realize i really am useless, i have a hard time getting myself to do anything, to engage myself with people, have a hard time just leaving the house. once in awhile i feel really good and think that i am doing okay and do not need to take all my pills. so i start to decrease my dosage and then realized i am nuts. pun intended. to try... (3 replies)
... June 2009, I was 'officially' diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I first heard the name in 2007, but didn't believe I could have it. By the time I was officially diagnosed, I truly believed I had bipolar disorder. ... (6 replies)
... your doctors and never stop taking your meds. Also take care of your body! A lot of people, including me, forget that we have different needs than other people. Bipolar people shouldn't be staying up all night, studying or doing papers, skipping meals and things like that. It messes you up. ... (5 replies)
... I have been dealing with intermittent depression since I was a teenager, and I recently experienced my first (maybe second) manic episode. I am just now realizing how irrational, impulsive and irresponsible some of my actions were while I was manic. For example, I chased a pigeon, believing that I could take flight and that I would be transported to another world! These... (3 replies)
... um so i'm new here but i have read posts sometimes. anyway i am 23 and i have always had some sort of mental issues (bulimia, depression, cutting....runs in the family) and i feel like i have always had slight bipolar-like symptoms, but lately it's been getting more extreme. last week, i spent the entire week in bed. i would go to work, come straight home, sleep all day,... (2 replies)
... You really love your brother. When anyone talks of suicide, you call '911' and have the police admit him to a hospital under a legal procedure called "Baker Acting." The hospital will evaluate him, drug and alcohol test him. They may only keep him 48 hours, but since he is an adult, if he signs a paper, you can have him put into an in-house facililty for up to a month or... (10 replies)
... Hi All Thanks for reading my message. I am sending a cry for help to you all out there who have suffered or had any experience of (and I'm not even sure what to call it!)... My brother is 32 - he has suffered with serious episodes of depression from the age of 16 but has sadly learnt to live with it. At the age of 17 doctors came to my parents home and wanted to section him... (10 replies)
... I suppose I am new to the whole concept of bipolar disorder. ... (3 replies)
... you can tell ALL your feelings to. Sometimes it helps to get it all out then you feel better, like you are not keeping a terrible secret anymore. Whether you are bipolar or not shouldn't matter. What you need is help and a doctor can help you. ... (18 replies)

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