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... Does bipolar ever go away? ... (11 replies)
... Absolutely yes. Dating is one thing. But I always knew that I would need to tell a guy if I sensed that things were getting more serious. So that he could decide whether he wanted to deal with my disease before he fell too deeply in love. It's only fair to give people information like this before going into something as life-changing as marriage. But you'll enjoy... (11 replies)
... YES & YES this has been an issue with me and the wife for years. I or she did not know. I would tell anyone whom I was prepared to marry about the illness. (11 replies)

... and the disease will not go away. ... (11 replies)
... cated throughout their lifetime, they will experience more severe manic episodes as a result. Such was the case with me. My tdoc and pdoc think I've had atypical bipolar I disorder with rapid cycling ever since my early 20s given my symptomatology. ... (10 replies)
... I was diagnosed by a professional psychiatric doctor at an MHMR clinic in my city as being bipolar amongst other diseases such as panic disorder and agoraphobia. I had those diseases for five years. I wasn't on medications and in therapy for most of that time. My diseases went away three years ago. ... (10 replies)
Bipolar disorder
Feb 8, 2008
... does bipolar disorder ever go away? ... (5 replies)
... IT DOES NOT EVER GO AWAY!!! It may get better with Meds. The med's usually have to be readjusted as well. ... (3 replies)
... So heres the thing.... My girlfriend was diagnosed with bipolar when she was 13 or 14 or so after her dad died in Iraq. ... (3 replies)
... ndiagnosed. I went to the Pdoc when hubby threatened to leave me because my mood was so out of control, I was suicidal and lots of other things. Diagnosed with Bipolar disorder 1 and have been on numerous medications since then. ... (4 replies)
... I have only heard about bipolar disorder with very "on the surface" details so I must admit that prior to my recent "revelations", I was very ignorant to this condition. ... (22 replies)
... No, unfortunately not, BiPolar Disorder is a Chemical Imbalance in the brain. It is a mental disease that is treatable with medication and therapy, but it is not cureable. ... (10 replies)
... No, Bipolar disorder does not go away as far as mental health professions are concerned. Sometimes, with the right meds, the symptoms can be lessened. ... (3 replies)
... So I have suffered with bipolar disorder my whole life and was recently diagnosed with it about a year ago. I have been on two different medications. ... (7 replies)
... folks with a mental illness part of the Bipolar Branch... ... (5 replies)
... Hi, My name is Tonya and I just got diagnosed with Tardive Dyskinesia and Phychogenic Movement Disorder on top of my other illnesses that include Bipolar, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Dissociative Disorder, OCD. ... (4 replies)
... Ok first of all I don't have a bipolar disorder but I'm just starting to question it. It has ran on both sides of my family. For the past couple of nights I have not needed any sleep. ... (10 replies)
... being bipolar is very difficult to live with if you are not on any meds, but also, make sure that the meds do not make you sleep all day, for instance, like lithium. ... (3 replies)
... My psychiatrist diagnosed me with "general anxiety disorder" and depression about three months ago. He told me it was common, and my problems would go away soon enough with Lexapro or another prescription. ... (14 replies)
... It is the nature of bipolar illness to shift between the lows of depressiion to the highs of mania in a cyclical fashion. In between those moods, there is a period of normalcy. ... (8 replies)

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