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... missing it.As i feel i am catching it something small happens that triggers me off and bye bye bus. I find that lately for the smallest thing i snap and turn to hitting my husband if he is the cause. ... (13 replies)
... called the pdoc and she's going to start me on abilify, though at a very low dose at first, in case my problem is just an overall sensitivity to medications...we'll see. ... (21 replies)
Rapid Holiday
Nov 22, 2006
... weeks before I realized what it was. I almost immediately lost it and it took 5 months to straighten out. I was so manic at first that I did not even remember hitting my husband on one of my tirades that adderall caused and it caused horrible rage. ... (3 replies)

... i feel ya, my husband of 15 years said the same thing to me and i was so hurt, and then i realized i couldnt love a man that would say such a thing to me, i fell out of love with him at that very moment, and i left him weird huh, we never had problems ever, infact i still talk to him and his family we are good friends, i now live with a boy freind, am happy. i think this was... (5 replies)
... I was that person that let people use me like a welcome mat until i met my husband...He is the most loving, caring person, not the most patient man but everything else and above.... ... (5 replies)
... I wish i could do more to help but i will help as much as possible but before i say anything I love my husband with everything that i have and i don't think ? ... (5 replies)
... at i horrible thing to say or even think but i'm on the edge right now....My emotions are every where...I'm so upset i feel as though i'm going to vomit...Lately my husband hasn't so supportive and has said some terrible things to me...I'm so ready to pack my bags but where would i go... ... (5 replies)
... In work, I am facing a redundancy situation and am not coping with it at all. To add to this, my husband has gone away for a week so I'm all alone, and it's Mothers Day in the UK and my mum died. Everything is hitting me at once. ... (1 replies)
... r a sentence or a paragraph of your dissertation might help you. i do hope your situation with your husband's work situation improves. this recession seems to be hitting everwhere big time. my two sons are both out of work and one of them has just moved back home as he just could not afford to live away at the moment. ... (5 replies)
Help for sleeping
Mar 15, 2009
... When I had my last one, I got so mad at my husband because he had called an ambulance and of course I didn't know what had happened so I wouldn't go with them, I actually blamed him for hitting me in the mouth. ... (28 replies)
... my first choice was to talk to my mom because right now i am experiencing what i saw her experience for YEARS, but she's not picking up the cell or the home phone. ... (6 replies)
... orry if I am starting too many posts as a newbie. Please don't get mad at me. I used to post at an board for fans of a particular music artist, and people got on my case about writing "novels" and posting too much. Don't know if they were just mean or if I really deserved it. Anyways.... ... (10 replies)
... I am very new to my diagnosis, my treatment, and even knowing what my diagnosis is, so I have a few simple questions that I hope will hold me over until my next psych appointment in a month. ... (4 replies)
Jul 1, 2007
... Yesterday Drew and my 11 year old daughter were roughhousing in the pool. Initially my husband was also in the pool with them, but when they started getting out of hand he quitely removed himself from the area and left me to deal with it. ... (37 replies)
Apr 26, 2007
... down on the corner of a stereo wouldn't stop bleeding, so much to my horror my husband took me to the ER where I had stitches and a tetanus shot. I never drank again, even a sip of champagne for a toast at a wedding...and that was five years ago. ... (34 replies)
... i know it maybe hard but try to relax and give your self much needed time to reflect. and have a happy easter (239 replies)
... especially being the anniv. day of my aunt's death and my bpd and bipolar hitting harder then usual... ... (239 replies)
... I will tell my pdoc but since I am on incapacity benefit at the moment I can't just change my doc.. ... (13 replies)
... Does anyone have advice on how to cope or handle life with a bipolar/ADHD child? How do you deal with others not understanding and blaming the child for something he cannot control? How do you deal with the constant behavioral issues without losing it yourself? I am finding myself beyond stressed and wishing I never had children. My son is almost 8 and got diagnosed with... (16 replies)
... Reading that about your husband being your best friend and that you have never loved anyone so much, that is exactly what I have and feel about my husband. Except he is the one with Bp, I have depression, almost my entire life. Very crappy childhood as well. So did my husband. ... (38 replies)

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