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... well my husband needs to realize what he's doing your right, and apart of me think he's finally realizing something? ... (42 replies)
... tough love i call it!!! ... (42 replies)
... You have come to the right place...I can say that I honestly KNOW what you are talking about, for I have been walking in your two shoes, as other mothers have here, and it certainly isn't an easy journey, is it? ... (5 replies)

Look ma! no meds.
Mar 20, 2007
... i'm a 32 year old mom of two young kids and i'm very new to messaging and computers. i just figured out how to respond to the many threads that i could relate to, so please forgive me and bear with me in all of my ignorance and bad spelling. apologies in advance for being long winded. ... (9 replies)
... rules. When the rules or rule are not followed we give consequences for the action. Such as time out but the time will not start until they have calmed down. So if tyler wants to throw a fit i do not pay attention to him. When he is calm his time starts and when it is over we talk about what could have been done diffrently. ... (16 replies)
I hate Easter
Mar 19, 2007
... Wow, I was really touched by your entry. I thought you might be interested in my perspective. My mom and dad are both college educated and had two boys ten months apart, and I was always told that I was adopted because they wanted a little girl. ... (13 replies)
... Hello everyone! First, I'd like to give my apologies to the Moderator. I'm very sorry for giving off another website. It won't happen again and thanks for bringing it to my attention. ... (15 replies)
FAO Goody
Mar 16, 2007
... Thank you for such a huge compliment and such kind words. The thing is, it isn't easy for either side of this coin....I am only trying my best and right now my daughter sees me as her biggest isn't only being a teen but also a teen with Bipolar. ... (2 replies)
... I think I've had bipolar for a while but was just diagnosed a month ago. Ever since I've been taking Lamictol and Adderall I've had these terrifying episodes. ... (15 replies)
... I think that is the very least I don't think it is bad. They are keeping him busy every moment of the day and if it is anything like the place where my son was, it is a little bit difficult to make calls. ... (685 replies)
... slowly learning thru therapy and seeing a new pdoc, but up until a couple of weeks ago, he was still blaming his behaviour on me and insisting it had nothing to do with his dx, although he was manic at the time. ... (4 replies)
... I'm sorry you are both going through such hard times. Goody, I see that you have posted on a few different threads, but I'm going to respond to you here, if that's OK. ... (685 replies)
... Tsohl...thanks so much for your words of comfort. I couldn't sleep and can't stop crying.....I guess all that I have endured between both girls over the past 4 or 5 years has finally hit me. ... (685 replies)
... I guess I am just looking to make some sense of some of this stuff. My husband had left about 6 weeks ago, without me knowing until I came home from work. ... (6 replies)
... Jules, I am so sorry that your son had a seizure, but I think that it's a wonderful sign that he wants to go to the treatment facility. Would you be willing to tell us which one? ... (685 replies)
... I dont know if im the one that should be giving advice, cause im kinda feeling like not a great mom lately. ... (685 replies)
... We all do it! No need to feel "special" in that regard. ... (9 replies)
... more, Eyes, I have seen firsthand how pdocs virtually gauge the functionality of the patient and sadly enough there have been times that the pdoc has listened to my 15 year old over what I have to say. ... (685 replies)
... I'm sorry you are going through all of this....I know what you mean about a fresh start but I am not so sure that will work, not unless your son truly sees it for himself that he has a problem. ... (685 replies)
... The inch turned into 10 at our house!! It was almost up to my husband's knees when he was out shoveling off the deck and a path out into the yard for our dogs!! ... (685 replies)

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