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... ld she agree to both of you seeing her pdoc together to discuss the side effects of the meds and all the things that are going on in both lives.... i never found seroquel helpful at al, i simply gained weight and went further down the self harm road. i stopped it a long time ago. ... (12 replies)
... ation that she is on helps her in no way, but feel at a loss to help her. She seems to blame me for her condition so therefore shows me nothing but disrespect. How can I lead her down the right path when she seems to disbelieve anyone"s diagnosis and wont believe any life experience that i have to offer her? ... (12 replies)
... Hi leomia, That'll be me that swears by Tegretol. I am BP2 and it has stabilised me rightly. I am also on a fairly high dose (for BP) of 800mg daily. Above 600mg daily it affected my short-term memory - so I was changed over to the extended release (Tegretol Retard) formula. I still swear by it - no side effects for me. I don't think Lamictal has been licensed in the... (34 replies)

... I am doing my research because I have 2 more weeks to see the pdoc and my meds are so low right now that they barely work as I am ready to change to something that works for me, whatever that is. ... (34 replies)
... Krenzelect, Lamictal is an anti-epilepsy drug that has secondary benefits for Bipolar patients - with particular emphasis on the depression side of Bipolar, whereas Lithium mainly helps with the Hypomania/Mania side. In the latter part of last year I was in continued Bipolar-related Major Suicical Depression, again and again and again. Two years ago I tried to take my life... (9 replies)
... How does Lamictal work for you? ... (9 replies)
May 9, 2007
... Welcome and thanks for your post. I read your concerns regarding the Seroquel and as far as our experience with it and what the pdoc told us, the sedating effects will subside as you reach the higher doses. ... (36 replies)
... I am trying to investigate the weight gain on Lamictal, Trileptal and Geodon. Does anyone have information before I see my psychiatrist on June 2nd about if there is any weight gain on the three above. ... (3 replies)
... I would constantly walk the streets of my neighborhood mumbling to myself. I would mumble terrible things about myself, how I ruined my life, how I was a terrible person, how I deserved to die, that I blew it, constant persecutory things. ... (0 replies)
How often Geodon?
Jul 29, 2009
... I notice that it's supposed to be taken 2x a day. I take Seroquel at night, so I started with 20mg of Geodon in the morning. So far the only side effect I feel is a little tiredness. ... (7 replies)
... todreamsinneon Thanks for your feed back. I was on 100 mgs of Lamictal and my heart was racing and I could hear my heart beats in my ear - so was taken down to 50. My next appt wasn't until 3/10 but called pdoc today and she is getting me in tomorrow at 6:30 PM. I have been very agitated and anxious for past seven days (last saw doc 2/2). Seroquel does help me sleep but... (4 replies)
... I have switched from Sulpiride to Seroquel in the past month. I was gradually taken off Sulpiride and at the same time put on Seroquel over 5 weeks. I have increased the Seroquel to 450mg at night and 25mg during the day 3 weeks ago. I originally went up to 300mg over the period of 5 weeks. ... (6 replies)
Serequel and anger
Oct 10, 2007
... I'm new here. Hope I chose the correct way to respond. I have been on Seroquel for over a year now, supposedly for sleep. I am prescribed 200 mgs. at night but that doesn't really put me to sleep. ... (9 replies)
Newbie(very long)
Jul 24, 2007
... I tried it as a guinea pig for my daughter and it DOES work. ... (6 replies)
... ean coming home would "fix" it just that things are so bad the way I feel now, and were not this bad ever before, so its due to being homesick and stressed about how to get home, either way you look at it Im trying to get back and my mind and emotions are as well! ... (11 replies)
... es a large amount of it and I know of another lady's son who was comatose on 25 mg. Also some gain weight while other don' I guess you'll just have to see how you do on it. ... (11 replies)
May 8, 2007
... are speculating about the dosages are right. Taking that many MG's throughout the day is staggering. Most people would never leave the bed. I honestly don't know how your daughter functions. She actually must be one of the few that dont suffer from its side effects. But please dont use her example to the rest of the world. ... (36 replies)
... Yes, it is strange how one side of the ocean decides one course of treatment whilst the other side decides a different route. ... (34 replies)
... fire You really handled everything like a champ!!! I like how you are taking some time to yourself and turning things around. ... (383 replies)
... Tom how long have you had BP and what type? ... (34 replies)

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