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... June 2009, I was 'officially' diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I first heard the name in 2007, but didn't believe I could have it. By the time I was officially diagnosed, I truly believed I had bipolar disorder. ... (6 replies)
... Another book I would recommend is "Understanding Your Bipolar Child" by Gregory Lombardo. ... (24 replies)
... arenting Easily Frustrated, Chronically Inflexible Children" by Ross W. Greene", it will help you so much with these answers because every child and every family is different. ... (24 replies)

... d share my story to give them hope so they can see that even though it may take some time to figure out the proper balance of medications, lifestyle, food, love, etc. ... (24 replies)
... I just thought I would introduce myself. I was recently diagnosed as being bipolar. I don't think the Drs know what type, but I am sure that it is some sort of rapid cycling type. ... (4 replies)
... Needless To Say, I Had A Horrible Childhood, Ranging From Neglect To Abuse. As An Adult I Was Determined To Break The Mold. The Thought Of Being Like My Family Was Not An Option. I Was Known As The Stable One At Work. ... (34 replies)
... The only thing I would add is that I would bring a written list of behaviors you have witnessed. I, too, am convinced that he is bipolar but pdocs are often wary of making that determination until they see more for themselves or have good historical data. ... (685 replies)
... It has been my experience with Brittany that when she is dealing with PMS her moods swing pretty high add this up with BP it can get bad. ... (685 replies)
... WOW....have you landed in the right place where there are many of us who have been on that rollercoaster ride you are talking about. IT is amazing how many of the parents who come to this forum describe their experience with their Bipolar teens the same exact way. ... (4 replies)
... years and this is my first and I'm in my 50's. Our daughter, 14 yrs. old, was diagnosed with bipolar disorder less than a year ago. Since then, we all have endured her three hospitalizations and the roller coaster ride goes along with it. ... (4 replies)
... and that I had done something in a former life that I am paying for now. I am going to take the experience and use it to build something else nice for myself and my family. After all, it's only a job. ... (8 replies)
... ds are never the same. Days of happy,days of sad,days of inbetween,very bad days, days he laughs, and maybe weeks of each. He has been diagnosed for 3 years and is a teenager too. He is now going through a stage where he is making friends and being accepted more. It took a lot of tough therapy and some meds. for him. ... (5 replies)
... aybe I am just really positive minded some days. We cant all be happy all the time non stop, and I am definately not happy constantly non stop. Ever since I lost my job I think my self esteem has gone way down, and I am trying to work through that. ... (8 replies)
... I seem to be in a high, top of the world feeling where everybody is my friend and I have no troubles, to a point where I feel like everyone hates me and I'm worthless. This occurs like a few times a week. ... (14 replies)
Bipolar Disorder?
May 18, 2015
... ighs where I am the most outgoing talkative person anyone has known. I become extremely self confident during these times and do things I normally wouldn't do in my depressive episodes. There is no medium between the two, ever. ... (2 replies)
... I haven't posted in a long time. I had been doing well, managing life somehow. But now I think I lost my mind. I don't know who to talk to. I am Bipolar, but I have always been able to manage my moods until lately. ... (4 replies)
... So about 3 years ago I had a child and I was just about to get married. Soon before my wedding I had a nervous breakdown and landed myself in the hospital. That was when I got my bipolar diagnosis. ... (0 replies)
... Oh, I should mention I am a woman in my mid 40's and have been on Cymbalta and Topiramate for a few years and have been stable since then. No major highs or lows. ... (8 replies)
... engage myself with people, have a hard time just leaving the house. once in awhile i feel really good and think that i am doing okay and do not need to take all my pills. so i start to decrease my dosage and then realized i am nuts. pun intended. to try to stop my pills. ... (3 replies)
... My advice is to keep your appointments with your doctors and never stop taking your meds. Also take care of your body! ... (5 replies)

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