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... I've been diagnosed with Bipolar for about 2 years. I have been doing very well on Geodon 60mg, Trazadone 100mg, and Ativan 1 mg. I recently switched jobs and I wont get my health insurance for about 3 months. I may have to stop taking my geodon becuase I cant afford it anymore. ... (2 replies)
... ll the SSA. Do not go on the paper or the website. Speak with an actual person. I have hardly worked at all in my adult life, never really more than part time jobs and never for 10 years solid full time and I have enough credits. ... (7 replies)
... Hi everyone I've found that reasonably challenging, flexible work that involves delivering presentations, negotiating, developing new projects and delivering training works for me. My employers have adapted my work to annual hours so that I can work more in the lighter months and less in the winter months during depressive episodes. I also work only afternoons on Monday and... (9 replies)

... I'm with craziunique on this one. There's no single type of job that would be great for all people with bp because we're all different. Politics would be TERRIBLE for me, personally, but great for somebody else. What you really need to do is take some time for introspection to think about what kinds of things you enjoy doing and what kinds of environments you enjoy being... (9 replies)
... That is a good question! I have been working for an attorney for 10 years as a paralegal. But it has that its moments. It's stressful! but as we all know that will create mania on us. I was working in one branch I got so bad I had to be transfer to another branch,, I couldnt take it anymore - less stress. But I still like the work I'm doing. Go Figure! But I would... (9 replies)
... Politics for one. Something is high power positions do well. That is if they keep themselves medicated. Those positions keep them moving and talking. So anything that keeps you moving....I would never see them as happy in an office or stuck behind a desk...a waste of energy. (9 replies)
Oct 21, 2007
... time during the school year and hold down 2 jobs in the summer. Luckily my parents still can pay for my insurance because of my mom's employment and a family plan thing. ... (13 replies)
... i am seeing a new doctor to see if i can try something new all togehter, i hate being on the pills but off them i feel better but then i end up with all the bipolar crap, or more intense. ... (20 replies)
... I just don't like it. Waaaaay too many people doing similar jobs at different levels. ... (102 replies)
... He's quit several jobs and abandoned me at least twice. He's been in and out of mental wards only to call and demand that I call him, etc. ... (6 replies)
... Hello all. I have Bipolar as well as Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I have been Bipolar since I was a young child. I am now 22. I was first diagnosed 4 years ago but resisted treatment. ... (0 replies)
... owe hospitals, doctors, antistesiologist, etc. in addition to my car payment, insurance, etc. I think they should have a separate credit rating for people with Bipolar Disorder. I guess we can help it, but it is soooo hard not to spend when we are manic. ... (22 replies)
... scrutiny by those who claim to care and are family. They still don't have a desire to understand what it is versus the falsehoods they believe it is. I have lost jobs not because I told but because they found out via other routes. ... (11 replies)
... out of jail thought it was hormones or a teen stage. I havnt been with their dad at that time for over 6 years, so working 2 jobs and they was 13 and Tini was 11. Now Tini was in after school programs and Mikey was as long as I could keep him there. ... (24 replies)
Sick of cycling!
Jun 26, 2007
... o trigger all of this but very unsure if it was the cause.I started feeling somewhat normal one day and depressed the next which I could not understand, I lost 5 jobs due to it and at this point in time I'm still jobless a year and counting. ... (8 replies)
Jun 13, 2007
... I'm Bipolar and I'm on Disability. I just started receiving my monthly payments about 7 months ago. ... (17 replies)
... is bipolar as well, and she has had terrible child abuse when younger and after reading her diary well, it definatly looks like she is bipolar, she was diagnosed bipolar mania, and she has not tried to seek help since. ... (194 replies)
... age takes over.. My mother once told me before I was diagnosed that she thought I needed a priest. I have been on and off meds since was 17. I have had dozens of jobs and addictions. It is a hard and scarey thing to live with. But, getting help It makes diffrence. It took a forced experiance in a hospital to do it for me. ... (194 replies)
... it can just get worse as you burn all your bridges behind you. As far as jobs are concerned, if you can prove you are being discriminated against because of your bipolar disorder, a big if, the Americans With Disabilities Act will protect you from firing. ... (5 replies)
... thanks for all the information that you all have given to me. it really has been very helpful. i am now faceing another problem with my son ( lets call my son tim just to make this easier ) and i am not real sure if or what i should do about it. i have spoken with my other son, (lets call him brian), and he said that he saw tim the other day. brian said tim was in a... (19 replies)

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