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Bipolar & Work
Dec 26, 2005
... Great topic. I had 13 jobs in 15 years. I always came out the victim at every job. I wanted justice for everyone. I wanted a job that was stress free. ... (13 replies)
Bipolar & Work
Dec 21, 2005
... i have the same problem, i cant hold a job , im always late, feeling weird, panic anxiety disorder, job after job after job, and i am a very intelliegent person, so i decided to go on my own amd be slf employed, i sell on e-bay, it is so simple and you can make tons of money with i make an extra 1200.oo a month selling cowboy boots that i find at thrift shops, i buy them for... (13 replies)
... Thanks guys, those are good points....Actually that is what I've been or 2 classes a semester, but at 23, seeing all my peers already with desk jobs, and my younger sister about to graduate very quickly, it's very frustrating. I feel like I should be done with all that right now, finally fulfilling my potential, rather than being an underpaid shoe salesman paying... (8 replies)

... ok, lately, it's occurred to me, that maybe my emotions aren't normal... one minute, i'll be happy, completely carefree, then all of a sudden i'll hate myself and want to die... and i've been fighting with my mom lately and saying things that come out in outbursts then the next second i'll feel so bad and hate myself for saying that.... same with my dad, i'll be talking to... (4 replies)
... That is a very hard choice Blndbtrfly, and many of us had to wrestle with it at one time or another. But you are right, meds can take away the high, the good feeling in life and yourself. It is a high, and its enjoyable. There are the side effects of the medications to consider, like weight gain, foggyhead, headaches and twitching. There is the pain of trying differnt... (23 replies)
... hello, you are trying to take on too much, we all know our capabilities, but unfortunatly our capibilities are on our time(bipolar time, dont expect to hold down a full time job, get a partime job, thats what i did and it turned out great after awhile , i am an artist and an animal trainer, i eventually went on my own freelancing for other people as a contracted employee doing... (13 replies)
... Hello , Yes sounds familar , I am not sure I have had 126 jobs but I can say I def. ... (13 replies)
... Wow! sounds like me! Lots of small, short jobs in the past. ... (13 replies)
... I'm also getting ready to start looking for a job. I've been unemployed for about 21 months now. I've been a stay at home mom but we need the money. I'm really nervous about getting a job, I'm afraid I'll quit. The longest I've ever held a job was 15 months and I've had my share of jobs. Anyway, I wish you the best of luck and I hope everything works out for you:) (13 replies)
... Hi There, What a great question. I have just been asking myself the same thing. I have lost so many jobs due to bipolar ( I didn't know that's what I had at the time ~ only that I felt overwhelmed, unable to concentrate, upset or angry to the point where I lost it ) I would truly love to be able to work again, it's been over a year since I have tried ~ I'm lucky because... (13 replies)
... Okay folks, I have been here for a short time. I have made a few friends and I'm sure alienated a few potential friends. I suppose in a community like this gain and loss is to be expected. But the gains or losses do not change the fact that I am here to jump start my life. To that end I have challenged myself to MOTIVATE myself. I am in the second week of my motivational... (13 replies)
... From GeeGee, Zbaby, you are such a Hoot ! I didn't know you worked, did I miss something ? Actually, I made it fine when I was working, but I had a lot going for me, being my own Boss. Of course, the downside is the difficulty of having to keep myself motivated ! I did get back to one of my projects. It's in here somewhere. I don't even have any tears....., sniff,... (40 replies)
... WORD. Just this morning I missed a meeting to present my project that I was delinquient on from tuesday and my boss (in a very gentle voice) suggested we reschedule for later today after I've had some caffeine. I know he trying to be helpful and doesn't know what else to do but I really feel guilty that I'm pushing the bounds of understanding too far at this job. It really... (40 replies)
... Keystone and Gee Gee - and I thought my distractedness over chores was just me! I also have the thing where I leave one room in the house to get something in another room, only to completely forget what I need once I get there...elapsed memory loss - 2.5 seconds. This is not an occasional thing, it happens A LOT. My favorite is when I go to the kitchen and open the... (40 replies)
Bipolar and School
Jun 21, 2005
... paying jobs with a degree on your resume. ... (20 replies)
... p on public assistance and food stamps. I had always made a good income but found I could not seem to KEEP a job, eventually taking what I considered to be lowly jobs for me which I was too depressed to go to. ... (6 replies)
... and fogged over by this disorder called, ' Bipolar ' ! ... (40 replies)
... A close second is the loss of good judgment. It's gotten me into a lot of trouble careerwise, both in taking jobs I wasn't cut out for and making poor decisions that ultimately lead to my dismissal. It's always a challenge to think before I act or speak when I'm manic. ... (40 replies)
... 10) You surf the web, watch TV or play video games for hours on end. 9) You're a neat freak or complete slob - there are no in-betweens although you sometimes alternate between these two extremes. 8) You behave like Woody Allen on speed -- a rude, neurotic fast-talker who's got an opinion about EVERYthing. 7) You shop 'til you drop or until your spouse and debtors... (17 replies)
... and take buspar was on xanax now on ativan which I hate. My dads had anxiety his whole life and used to take lithium when I was a young child, but I think he was bipolar he was high then low but never diagnosed as it. ... (5 replies)

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