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... According to what you said, what you're suggesting could be the worst thing you could do and it will make the situation worse. I know because I am also on both lamictal and abilify. I do feel like I am going through a "dead calm" sometimes but I'm better on them than off them, that's for sure. ... (4 replies)
... Actually since you have internet access you can go to the "official" Lamictal and Abilify websites and read the full package inserts and side effects. ... (5 replies)
... First off I would like to say that I am new to blogging and have found this site very helpful in regards to everyone's postings. ... (1 replies)

... It's never a good idea to go off and on meds, this could make you a rollercoater. They also take time to work. Lamictal made me too calm, my doc stopped that then put me on celexa and abilify . Abilify woke me up with the celexa I was alive again! ... (4 replies)
... I am also on both, 300mg of Lamictal and 5mg Abilify and don't have any of the tremors. ... (5 replies)
... I'm on 300 mgs of lamictal and 50 mgs of abilify. the only side effect I have is akathesia at the higher doses of abilify. ... (7 replies)
... I am on Lamictal 300mg and Abilify 20mg and it works great for me. I had a little bit of acne, but it cleared up after a little while. It comes back around my cycle but for the most part I'm good. ... (7 replies)
... I am on lamictal 200mg and abilify 20mg. It is a great combo for me. I hope it works well for you too. I don't really have any acne problems from the lamictal. I've been on it for over a year. ... (7 replies)
... I had a rash on my thighs and the psychiatrist told me to use hydrocortisone creme and wait it out. ... (7 replies)
... I Take Both These Meds, And They Are Suppose To Be "weight Neutral". ... (6 replies)
... My son is on both and they are working well. You have to work up to the dosage on the Lamictal and some people have to adjust to the Abilify, but for many, they are a great combination! Give yourself some time. Hopefully they'll work well for you, too. ... (6 replies)
... I'm on both and they work great. ... (6 replies)
... mg of Lamictal seems like a whole lot. I thought they only gave doses that high for people who have seizures. So your doc took you off of the Lamictal completely? ... (15 replies)
... nformed how different ones make you feel, will guide him in the correct direction to help you. My son suddenly decided to stop his antidepressant for three days and became almost psychotic. We had to hospitalize him. It is a trial and error situation because everyone's chemistry, age, hormones, etc. are different. ... (4 replies)
... I have come off meds before I found out the cause, and it will only make things worse. ... (4 replies)
... Here's my question. I want to stop taking these two meds and only use them during those episodes. I don't want to tell the doc, because the meds are practically free, and if I need them, I know they will work. ... (4 replies)
... I can't do ECT because I have a Seizure Disorder and that has something to do with it. ... (57 replies)
... can have these side effects. And surely speak to your doctor about them, too. ... (5 replies)
... My boyfriend was on Lamictal until recently and began to have problems with muscle spasms, often associated with feelings of anxiety or stress. ... (5 replies)
... ily have had no side effects, wonder if it was increased with you too fast. both have to be taken really slowly.. did get the odd pain in stomach when started on abilify but nothing unbearable. both seem to be at least giving more energy for a few hours during day for the first time in over a year. ... (5 replies)

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