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... daily Lamictal for bipolar. It's been 2 years now and it works great! I get a severe migraine about once a month. I took 200 mg tramadol for it, which worked out. ... (3 replies)
... Ahh, Okay. Yeah I get migraines here and there. Nothing like you get though. 16 days, WOW. And that's awesome your pdoc is also a neurologist. What makes one 'med resistant' ? I was thinking I was med resistant for awhile, considering it takes me high doses of Benzo's, and depression still remaining on ad's, but I hear thats pretty typical. Not to mention I haven't been on a... (27 replies)
... my memory and causes some neurological deficit but I've been on it for 2.5 years and I've just kind of gotten used to it, It's the only thing that's worked as a migraine preventative so I don't have much choice on that one. ... (27 replies)

... indicated because my blood pressure is already very low. I did get a migraine today, and had a sample of Zomig left over, and it worked pretty well, not completely, but such relief anyway. ... (4 replies)
... I also take Lamictal and have cluster migraines. What dose are you on now? ... (4 replies)
... Hello, everyone here, Just wondered - Lamictal was increased about 3 weeks ago It was working really well for migraine, and with the increase, migraines are coming back. I am not at all sure this is the connection, but just wondered if anyone had experienced a sudden appearance of side effects with such a small increase in a medication. Pdoc doesn't know, has never seen... (4 replies)
... Hi, I'm not alone, phew! I, too, have had migraines every since I was a litle kid (so did my brothers, father, and father's mother). Lamictal has helped a lot. I tried Depakote (drugged up, no go), and Topomax. I could not at all tolerate the latter - I got very dizzy and so nauseous that I couldn't think of eating anything. I have an eating disorder and have to... (7 replies)
... Does anyone have the experience of a migraine condition worsening with hypomania? ... (7 replies)
... I was tooting at how wonderful Lamictal has been for me and then whamo it through me into an extreme agitated agressive mixed state. ... (16 replies)
... depressant....i'm sorry to hear that you didn't have a good experience on trileptal, i was considering doing that, but i need a migraine preventive as well, and those are limited.... ... (11 replies)
... Okay I have a seizure disorder as well as Bi Polar. I take Topomax for my seizures and as a Cluster Migraine deterrent. I use a totally different med for mood stabilization in the BP, usually Lithium, lamictal, things like that. I think alot of it depends on your Dr. ... (1 replies)
... times a week and sometimes he would have one migraine lasting weeks at a time. ... (5 replies)
ECT? your views
Feb 3, 2010
... This is my 1st post ~ and had to reply because I have had positive results from ECT. I'm Bipolar II, My depression was severe & I was hospitalized due to suicidal thots. Pdoc suggested ECT so I read EVERYTHING (good & bad) about ECT before deciding to say "yes". You will be screened pre ECT for anything that might complicate your response to the procedure. That's usually a... (11 replies)
... hi bunnylover, it sounds like you have been through a really tough time. are you on the highest doses of seroquel and lamictal. if so this might be why pdoc wants to add on another mood stabiliser. if the whole world is annoying you, you are right it might be clouding your judgement about pdoc! if you have tried other mood stabilisers before it is a good idea (as you said) to... (5 replies)
... So the last few months have been a real roller coaster, hypo-mania, depression, and now cymbalta withdraw and maybe staring another hypo-manic episode (can't tell, doesn't seem like it fully, but I am showing some signs, although it could be cymbalta withdrawal.) Pdoc has been really, really pushing adding a traditional mood-stabilizer (I currently take only Lamictal and... (5 replies)
... I'm also on Topamax, but since I have a 21 year history of migraines, I take it as a migraine preventative. ... (20 replies)
... I've been on 100mg for a little over a year. At my last lamictal level blood check a few weeks ago with my GP I asked if the Topomax would need to be adjusted again, and she said no, it stays at 100mg, unless you just start having tons of migraines again. kat (77 replies)
... i've tried lithium, zyprexa, klonopin, mannerix, effexor xl, seroxat, prozac, lustral, lexapro, amythyptaline, paramax for migraine, zispin, buscopan for IBS, anafranil, cipramil, ambien, and currently on lamictal, thyroxine, klonopin and xanax. have cut out the abilify. hoping pdoc will come up withnew combo soon. am still tired of it all. (159 replies)
... When I was IP in November, I was immediately put on 100mg of Lamictal to bring me down from my mania. ... (159 replies)
... Right, Lamictal is also off label for helping treat migraines, and it's helped mine some. My pdoc said that the buspar that I take is also a migraine prevention med, so I'm actually on 3 of those now too.... ... (22 replies)

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