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... I'm wary of the Celexa increasing my agitation and mania though...we will see how it goes. ... (0 replies)
... pt. today and found out that his previous doc had left town so he had a new one assigned to him. He said from the levels on his last blood work showed not enough lithium in his system and said he needed more. He upped the dose which is 1200mg a day now. ... (11 replies)
... The drugs you descibe are antidepression drugs except of course for the Lithium,which is a mood stabalizer. There are serveral generic drugs which can be prescribed in place of th name brand drug. I was on Lamictal and it evevn went generic this summer. Get A second. I think Bipolar is and easy illness for doctors to lay their hands on, because most make yo a walking Zombie,... (11 replies)

... He is only on lithium right now. ... (11 replies)
... if the levels in your system are up to a dose where they are starting to help. If you go off of them, there can be withdrawal effects, which one of them can be agitation as well. ... (11 replies)
... Do you have blood tests to monitor how your lithium levels are? ... (11 replies)
... What do you mean by agitation? Do you mean that you get angry easier, or do you mean that you need to pace? (11 replies)
... Hey everyone has any of you ever notice aggitation with Lithium? Really important someone please give your input. Thanks a bunch (11 replies)
... Hi! When I was diagnosed I was put on Lithium and Prozac... ... (6 replies)
... results can be anywhere from agitation to suicide. ... (3 replies)
... I'm just wondering if anyone takes an SSRI with Lithium. It seems like it would be a good combination to me but I read that it can cause more agitation.:confused: Anyone? (3 replies)
... Has anyone taken this combination? I have tried antidepressants in past, and their side effects (especially anxiety & agitation & insomnia) have freaked me out. I have bipolar I and generalized anxiety disorder. I really need something for this awful depression. Have tried depakote (huge weight gain), abilify (made me faint) and others. Any info would be hugely... (6 replies)
... Jules, You don't need more abilify stories. If it doesn't work for him, you'll know and he'll stop taking it. Just keep your fingers crossed that it is ok for him. Most people do well on it. I've been doing a lot of reading this week on substance abuse and mood disorder and from what I can tell, there is no definitive answer on which comes first or which causes which to... (32 replies)
... The tegretol retard is just a slightly different version of the older tegretol. In layman's terms, it is sort of a time-release version that is supposed to have fewer side effects and is supposed to be easier to take in general. Neither one is supposed to affect memory~if it does, one should have levels checked to be sure it isn't overwhelming the liver. My 25-year old... (7 replies)
... Hey there to another tennessean! I really need all the help I can get. I take seroquel 500mg nite, ambien, lithium 1200mg am and pm. Help would be greatly appreciated! ... (7 replies)
... c Lithium would help with my weight loss. ... (3 replies)
... Medication Why you might choose it Lithium Classic bipolar I symptom pattern: euphoric mania and severe depressions Significant manic symptoms Need all the antidepressant you can get Suicide risk Very inexpensive valproate/Depakote Need something strong and fast Male gender, and not afraid of weight gain risk Rapid cycling (7 replies)
... I'm on 1350mg Lithium and 40mg Geodon and it's driving me nuts. The first three weeks I was on slightly higher dosage of Geodon and while there were side effects, I felt awesome. ... (0 replies)
... I just had four weeks off (STD), cuz my pdoc weaned me off Lactimal and put me on Lexapro. Im thinking it may be the iced tea I drank also...Im goign to see how I fell today. I am also under and extreme amount of stress that doesnt help. (6 replies)
... depressant. The only one so far that hasn't aggravated my agitation and caused symptoms of a mixed episode is cymbalta, and that's partially because of the lithium. ... (6 replies)

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