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... I haven't had any side effects yet, but the real test is going to be when I go through the second half of my cycle, because for whatever reason those hormones trigger so much for me, both my mood problems and autoimmune flare ups, everything in my body just goes insane. ... (15 replies)
... My hormones trigger too much for me, and on top of being chronically anemic, I'm just so tired of it all. ... (15 replies)
Controlled mania
Aug 25, 2010
... I think seaturtle asked the perfect question: If had ever experienced what a true Manic episode is, you might have had fun while it was going on, but you don't want to do that again. What the OP is describing sounds more like hypomania. In that regard, we all know that it is understandable to desire that feeling again: life of every party, crushing it at work, go... (12 replies)

Jun 21, 2009
... I've felt this way before, but I've learned from past experience that I can't skip my meds or alter the way I take them. They need to be taken exactly as prescribed or else I can start to hear voices, become delusional, extremely paranoid, manic and severely depressed. I can also start rapid cycling which is something I would rather not deal with. That being said, there... (2 replies)
Jun 21, 2009
... if I don't take my Seroquel at night and stay up, it seems like a more and more reliable way to trigger mania. ... (2 replies)
Controlled mania
Feb 27, 2009
... As far as I know, mania is a biological event, out of our control. Things can trigger it, yes, but I have as yet to know about planned, controlled manias. ... (12 replies)
... here are 2 specific people in my life who when I interact too much with them set me off. I know they didn't cause the disease but I cant help but wonder if they trigger it. ... (4 replies)
... Hi Pri Lily, Are you Bipolar I or II? I can relate to what you said. I am depressed but antidepressant meds make me a little manic. What meds have helped you? I haven't tried any "mood stabilizers" yet. I once tried Risperdal (for anxiety/insomnia) which was a Restless Leg Syndrome nightmare...never again! I have a lot of troube with "side effects". According to my P... (19 replies)
... stressful situations. trigger mania for me.. when my husband passed away in2001, it sent me into mania, and you would think it would have made me depressed.. eventually it did. ... (19 replies)
... If there are two docs who feel that you have Bipolar the worst thing that you can be on is an antideptressant!!! That alone can trigger a manic episode and it is imperative that you perhaps have somebody drive you to the nearest ER to be evaluated. ... (17 replies)
... Hi New Nut, Shoot, if nothing was left with your husband most would consider it rather normal to split. Me, my ex of eight months (female BP1 unmed), and our son have gone through a major episode that lasted a year. When she returned to me and our son, she wouldn't touch any drug; she didn't want too. We were content for over 2 years. Then a trigger was hit, turned out to be... (40 replies)
... I become manic, mostly from drugs... I was prescribed Risperdal as a major tranquilizer, to calm my mood, and after taking it for one day, I stayed up all night and painted my house. When my therapist asked me how I was, I told him I had no problems at all, and life was wonderful. He took me off the Risperdal. I have the same reaction to SSRI's. Trauma, that is not... (19 replies)
... Of course triggers initiate mania. Wherever you read that was mistaken, I am sure! Could you please cite the reference for me? Manias are very real. And as for the son chugging down Red Bulls, I would suggest that she should ditch those "bulls" into the "bullring" with a fond goodbye of applejuice or some other healthy beverage. Good luck to you. (19 replies)
... My BF drinks up to 12 large Red Bulls per day. That cannot be good at all. He is in a near constant state of deep mania that we cannot bring him down from. ... (19 replies)
... known trigger for BP that some pdocs use it intentionally to determine a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. ... (19 replies)
... Hey everyone, My husband and I decided to try this, we only made it to 2 in the a.m. - we are feeling quite depressed about this....heehee. jus' kiddin'. The board has been a little heavy lately and I thought I'd try to lighten it up a bit. Well, Hope everyone is walking on the happy side of the trail today. I have hit my up swing :blob_fire and I am runnin' with it... (9 replies)
... Best I can tell from what I've noticed is that my wife's mania is triggered by anything happening that she happens to take offense to. Even if it isn't offensive she'll take it that way and she'll get aggrivated. ... (19 replies)
... more on the mania side. But to me what i think what trigger mine it seems always around my birthday which is today 9.29. ... (19 replies)
... Anyway, sleep triggers both mania and depression for me. ... (19 replies)
... I'm just wondering, what are some things that can trigger mania for you guys? ... (19 replies)

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