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... One of the symptoms I have found is my mind is CONSTANTLY busy with what I could only describe as manic thoughts, hence the thread... ... (22 replies)
... Lots of medicines slow down those manic thoughts. That is the point to mood stabilizers. Lithium, Topamax, and Seroquel work for me, but I have tried 10 others too. ... (22 replies)
... Many thanks for the comments. They are all helpfull. It makes me think that what I think might be 'manic thoughts' probably are. Perhaps what I have is a very mild 'manic' side but a strong 'depression' side of being bipolar??? welcome to the newbie ~ Hedge (turned forty yesterday and don't like being 'old') (22 replies)

... Hello! It's been 20 years since my last manic episode, but I sure do remember the manic side of things. ... (22 replies)
... How would you describe manic thoughts without them becoming actions. ... (22 replies)
... I have both the mood and the thoughts to work with and counter the moods..I sometimes can't even tell if I am emotionally happy or not. Sometimes I'll get pumped up but have no idea why.. ... (2 replies)
... That might be a good start. Do you only have the thoughts or do you have periods of time when you are really happy or really sad or in a rage? ... (2 replies)
... energized to feeling unbelievably hyper and amped, to then feeling so glum I don't want to even open my eyes or lift a finger. Anyone have thoughts if I have developed some kind of bipolar tendencies..This has mostly been in the past 5 months that I noticed this. ... (2 replies)
... I wonder if you're describing hypomania. It is a milder version of mania, without the crazy acts I believe...It is what I appear to go through, I've never gone manic to the point of doing things that are unsafe for me, I just get very energetic, euphoric, and racing thoughts... ... (22 replies)
... i cant even make sense of my thaughts. its really great that you guys can chat about these things. i hope u will chat with me aswell. i am not to learnerd on bipolar as i've only had it for a short time. did u no that video games are really easy when your manic!!!! ;) (22 replies)
... but maybe you have a different purpose to fulfill here on earth. Maybe Im way off in my thoughts but heck it never hurts to feed a bipolar mind a postive outlook, believe me I know. ... (22 replies)
... major manic episodes all the rest have been hypomanic where I experience the racing thoughts that make it hard to concerntrate, walking around the house trying to remember what I was doing. ... (22 replies)
... Hi Coffeegirl! I've only been taking the Adderall XR for about 2 weeks now, so I'm not sure if I'm getting the full effect just yet. It's definitely slowed me down, at least to where I can sit with only maybe jiggling my leg or something like that, but it helps. It helps me focus too. I was in a pretty severe manic stage (for me) and it worked lots better than Abilify,... (22 replies)
... I was in a manic state and my Dr. decided to add Adderall to the mix. I know it seems odd since it's a stimulant, but it really helped calm me down. ... (22 replies)
... I agree with everyone. I've also noticed that when I'm manic, I can't sit still...not even for 5 minutes. I have to keep moving. (22 replies)
... me from driving people crazy. Last time I had thoughts, I did an outline for a SciFi book. When I get them again I will continue writing. You could put those thoughts to a creative use. It keeps you busy and it's a good outlet. ... (22 replies)
... This would describe Type II Bipolar. Where I would get Manic and psychotic, you would be "hypomanic" instead. Depressions apply to both!! ... (22 replies)
... I would have to agree, that the description given by the original poster AND the last pretty-well concur with MY notion of "racing thoughts" as they pertain to Bi-Polar Disorder. ~ In the world of books. (22 replies)
... For me, I know what I have gone manic is when my thoughts seem more like a compulsion and less like a thought. ... (22 replies)
... Thanks Kat I am finally coming down as it were from this episode. It lasted about 4 days. I finally managed to get a few hours sleep, albeit fitful last night. I do feel the usual exhaustion. I am hoping that my mood don't go back in an upswing, I could really use the sleep, since I also have other health conditions. While this was not the worst episode I've been... (4 replies)

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