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So to start off I have been on Lutera birth control for four years and the. Got switched to Orsythia from the health department and started taking it around March maybe April of this year in May I started skipping my placebo pills and had some break through bleeding. Throughout my history of birth control Iíve had sore breastís when I first started taking it four years ago and randomaly I would have breast soreness/tenderness esp around withdrawal bleed time. Well I had sex on June 8th of this year and I was on the pill taking it every night within the time frame and missed May one day from a pack in May. We used a condom also and he pulled out before. Fast forward to around June 24th or 25th a few days after I started a new pack I had spotting and then my breasts were a little sore and now they ach throughout the day not consistently and spotting stopped around July 8th... but my boobs still ach but they arenít so much sensitive to touch maybe a little on the sides. I have taken 4 pregnancy tests since I started with the spotting and they have all been negative. Could I be pregnancy? My boobs have never just ached like this!!! Could it be from my body adjusting to Mo withdrawal bleed? I donít go in to get my birth control until August first and I am FREAKING out. Also my stomach has felt weird not sore or anything.

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