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In terms of weight loss/gain, I am not an expert at all, but for me, I've noticed that during this month of YAZ that I have not had my afternoon chocolate cravings. They sort of just disapeared, and that has been great!!! Because I haven't been snacking while my daughter naps, I could see how YAZ might help me shed a few pounds. I guess that I had hormonal cravings that I didn't even realize!
On a bad note once I started on the white, nonactive pills, I noticed that my fatigue and exhaustion was gone. I wasn't sure if the YAZ had been causing my incredible fatigue, but that clinched it for me, so now I just hope that it is not as bad during the second month because I haven't even been able to get up with my daughter in the morning, and I go to bed fairly early (by 10 PM) and she gets up around 8 PM. And since I've been on the white pills, I've been snacking in the afternoon!
Tomorrow (Sunday), I am going to start my second pack of YAZ, and I hope that my bleeding ends soon because I have had my period all month!!! A few days this past week the bleeding was light in the morning, but then it always returned to period force bleeding by the evening.

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